Hello, its Me,,, God

"Prove to me there is God ",,,

,,a man blantantly retorted to his friend.
"You show me Him,, show me a miracle,
,and I'll obey Him to the end! "

Talk soon wandered from topic to topic
Arguing on this, agreeing on that.
Challenges made, theories where taken
Soon a life would be touched, 
a Soul to be awakened

Closing of the day soon fell
each of the Friends bid a loving 'fairwell'
To each of their homes they went
To where-ever their  lives are spent

Telephone rings, he answers 'hello?'
"It would have been nice to see you"
"Who's this?"
the voice answered " I think you know"

"You passed Me by several times today,
I was that man seeking shelter"
"You kept your eye from seeing mine, 
I held My hand out to you in gesture"

"You failed to see the little child there,
huddled beside that wall"
"You failed to see the childless couple,
walking home from the mall"

"You failed to see the eye meet eye,
 a bright new future was taking place"
"You failed to see 3 people look Me in the face"

"What  kind of miracle would you choose,
to turn your Heart my way?"
"You insist you need a miracle,
I give them to you every day"

Aghast and shaken, 
a phone is quickly slammed.
Eyes and mouth open, 
a tremble in the hands.

Tho' we wish it would be so simple
if He'd showed us as this man.
Maybe today one more Heart is touched,
one more has a chance to understand.
..... P. Hanson 12/24/00


Eyes are for seeing
Ears are to listen
I pray this coming year brings you 
Nothing you would be missin'.
Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!

What if she's an angel
by Tommy Steiner

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