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Black Elk Speaks
Wolf Spirit  -  the TeacherThe wonderful Lakota holy man who is the voice in Black Elk Speaks is a spirit many have felt a connection with. I have felt his presence for many years but have kept it a secret. He is my dear friend and loving guide. I share his words with you here to let you know that great beings such as he still watch our world with care. My other intention in bringing him through is to let you know that any being you feel drawn to, alive or ďdeadĒ , may indeed be a friend and guide at your side. In fact, it is more likely so than not so!!!

I welcome all of you who are reading Cathyís newsletter right now. My voice is for all who walk this land, not just for the Native population, yet I speak with the spirit of the native American. This great continent America, was first populated by us long ago. It made us who we are and our blood, our spirit, lives still in the great prairies and the mountains, wherever you may go.

Wolf Spirit -  the TeacherI and many others have watched and waited for the day when all peoples would walk as brothers and sisters. All peoples have contributions to make. Our contribution as native Americans is to remind people of the land, their roots, so that people may respect themselves, each other and all of life. Those who come to America are touched by our spirit whether they know it or not.
We are of the land, one with the land, and our spirit lives on. My message is also one of love. I would speak to your heart and ask you to be true to yourself, to walk a simple path of truth and love. Many are searching for something but never finding it. They donít even know what they are looking for.
It is the inner peace that comes from knowing who you are.

I am able to watch your world and see how it has changed since I lived my life there. I can understand the great technological advances, but people donít know how to use them correctly because they donít know who they are. They have lost touch with respect for life. It grieves me to watch you all as you run about during your day, never taking time to think about the life around you.
Life can be taken away so quickly and not noticed, but so much can be seen
and understood if one has the eyes to see. You do not need to follow our ways to re-establish a connection with Mother Earth. Your own heart will tell you what you need to do if you listen. Our ways came from long ago and reflect our history. They are simply our ways to listen to the heart. It is not
important which ceremony or sacred thing you use to look within, but your
intention, your desire. Listen to your own spirit. It will show you your path.

~Black Elk

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