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                                  ,,,   the following is a journal entry of a young woman who'd done just that...


,,, to Live, we must Give


August 18th, 2002

If something should ever happen to me, I want my life and my death to mean something. I want everyone to use my death as an opportunity to change their lives. I have already had quite a journey and I'm only twenty-eight. One thing I like about getting older is that you get closer and closer to a peaceful place. I'm improving my life everyday.  I'm giving of myself and I've found, that being a giving person makes one truly blessed. It seems so simple but the Golden rule works. It's alot deeper than that though. 
   I want to remind people that everything we do affects someone else.   Everything!  We have a responsibility to make sure that what we do is good. In my lifetime, I have seen alot of people in pain, because of someone elses actions. It's hard enough to be successful in your own life, let alone having someone else slow you down. Some of you aren't improving your lives, some of you seem to be pretty selfish. I have heard so many life stories of people whom I care about and most of them are about pain. Some people have been my friends, some have been my cousins, some have been closer relatives.  I dont want to see them hurt anymore.
   So, I would like everyone to think about your own life and whether you're living it unselfishly.  Are you a selfish person? Are your kids being affected by it?  Are your friends, your relatives, your customers, your co-workers? etc...
   I mean really look at your life. ASK someone that you value the most in life if you are a selfish person. It's not too late to change bad habits.
   Everyone is always going to make mistakes and peoples feelings are always going to be hurt, but as it goes right now, most people don't even know how they're affecting peoples lives.  So open your eyes and open your hearts to each other. You'll see that you will live a much happier life.
   I hope that I can reach some of you -
This is just my observation and something I've learned in life.

I love you all ~ 
Lisa (Leës) Barnes
12/19/73 - 10/15/02
 killed by another driver 
fallen asleep behind the wheel

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