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January 30th & 31st  -2015



updated local
Road & Trail Conditions 
for the Atlanta, Hillman & Lewiston area

If you enjoy your local Buck Pole then,

check out our 
Elk Pole Contest!
always the first two days of the Winter Elk Hunt in December
The heaviest Bull weighed in at 665 lbs!

to visit the official website for complete Rally information including pictures of past rally's, updated entry list, lodging, restaurants and more!



Lodging Accommodations
visit Sno-Drift.Org 

Local Automotive Parts and Supplies


Restaurants & 
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Get next to nature 
     Get next to your self


Folks here in Montmorency County are proud to have the sno*drift rally
here on our remote
northern back-roads.

Weather/Road Conditions for the
1/29/2015 Sno*Drift Rally

We just had a little dose of snow in the area that has dropped  around 3-5 inches. This will help the back road conditions nicely, capping the icy, frozen packed road surface. 

Snow banks on the back roads are at a minimum.  Frozen dirt embankments hiding beneath the fresh snow are like a wolf in sheeps clothing. 

The snow base in the woods is a nominal 7-10 inches.

 Temperatire highs Friday will barely get to the double digit teens, then up a tad to the mid to low 20's on Saturday.  Nighttime lows should drop to or below the zero mark for Rally weekend.

Icy back roads will deliver a nice challenge to the Rally tems! 

Michigan's up-north winter conditions always deliver a good challenge to the rally teams! 

updated local
Road & Trail Conditions 
for the Atlanta, Hillman & Lewiston area

Last years Rally teasers...

DAvid higgins and craig drew claim sno*drift rally victory

Launch Control:
Subaru Rally Team USA tackles Sno*Drift Rally 
(Part 1) - Episode 2 - YouTube

Launch Control: 
Higgins fights for win after crash at Sno*Drift Rally 
(Part 2) - Episode 3 - YouTube

A look to what it's like from inside the car!
The clip below is from 2010 with not too much snow
but very icy road conditions.
Kent Block goes flat out at Sno*Drift - YouTube


North Woods Back-Roads
We drive 'em every day. 
Let's see what YOU got!


"Thank You" 
Sno*Drift Organizers,
Rally America, 
Rally Teams & their sponsors 
and all the volunteers 
that help pull this off !

for pictures of the Sno*Drift Rally!
Updated with the changing weather
Free Spectator's Guide
available at most area business's in Atlanta, Hillman and Lewiston or at the Montmorency County Tribune in downtown Atlanta

(just East of the Atlanta Post Office -  check out our new Elk mount in the display case in front of the Post Office! )


Plan to come up
to check out some cabin fever remedies!.


A  class event held
 on our remote backroads held on
January 30 - 31, 2015!
for details 

Sanctioned by

.click HERE to learn more about Rally America!

click on their logo to visit their site!

   Sno*Drift is the kick off rally for a series of rally's running throughout the year across the nation
Enjoy our remote back-roads 
of Montmorency County
{{btwn Gaylord & Alpena}}
Lewiston, Hillman and 
"the other " Atlanta, 
Elk Capital of Michigan!

Local Auto Parts
and Supplies

Call 'em ahead of time to have your
needed parts or supplies on hand during the Sno*Drift Rally.
Fochtman CARQUEST 
-  Hillman, Michigan
641 N. State Street
Hillman, Michigan  49746

  • Mobil 1 Synthetic Oils
  • 104 +  Octane Boost Racing Formula
  • NGK  Spark Plugs
  • Thunder Bay
    Parts Plus

    11939 M-32
    Atlanta, MI  49709

    .** **

    The Baklava Shop
    Home made Bread, Deserts, Custom Cakes,
    Donuts, Pastries, sandwich wraps, pasties and more.

    12619 State St.
    (across from post office downtown Atlanta)
    Atlanta, MI  49709
    Call ahead for large or special orders!

    More Restaurant Listings at Sno*Drift.Org


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