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Herb of Knowledge -
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Random Links
Herb of Knowledge - Cannabis
Time to End this Insane Prohibition for Profit Protection
Human Rights Petition: The Governor of MI: Don't Allow Bill Schuette To Persecute Sick People |

In 2008, voters in the State of Michigan, approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act by a 63% margin. Since then over 100,000 Michiganders have... //   SEE PROPOSED CHANGES!  Laws that make oridinary citizens a criminal just because they prefer organic means of treating & healing themselves with cannabis. Michigan has a measure to legalize November 2016. Use your voice, VOTE!
LARA - Michigan Medical Marihuana Program
MI Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - information about the Medical Marihuana Program approved by Michigan voters November 4, 2008.
LEAF - the Health Benefits of Juicing with Raw Cannabis - Presuming this is true. There are thousands of people suffering and dying needlessly. Profit protection? You decide.
LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition -
People 'in the know' about what goes on behind the badge with the war on a plant. Their organization name is a statement in itself.
The 2012 Michigan Ballot Initiative to End Marijuana Prohibition | Volunteer Here
We are working to end Marijuana Prohibition in Michigan. Sign up here to volunteer
Full Text of bill: HR 2306: Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011 - Prohibition's End
End Marijuana Prohibition - NORML - View topic - Attorney General Suggested Changes to MMMAct
Recreational marijuana measure to be put to voters - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: DENVER (Reuters) - Colorado voters will be asked to decide whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in a November ballot measure, setting up a potential showdown with the federal government over America's most commonly used illicit drug. The measure, which would legalize possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults, is one of two that will go to voters in November after a Washington state initiative to legalize pot earned enough signatures last month to qualify for the ballot there. ...
Michigan NORML
How Cannabis (MarijuanaMarihuana) Became Illegal
A good synopsis of the history of Cannabis/Hemp prohibition. Note: There was no such thing as plant called "marihuana, or marijuana" until the prohibition propaganda campaign began. Up until then the plant  was always referred to as it's correct name which is "cannabis".
A History of Opiate opioid Laws in the United States
A description of opiate/ opioid laws and how they evolved since the 1890s to the present
DEA refuses to reclassify marijuana, claims it has no medicinal value | The Raw Story
The American Medical Association (AMA) requests to have marihuana removed from
Schedule I classification
AMA Asks That Marijuana Be Removed From Schedule 1 Drug List | Video Cafe
Rules - 2011 - Denial of Petition To Initiate Proceedings To Reschedule Marijuana
Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Diversion Control
DEA Diversion Control Program :: Welcome ::
Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Diversion Control
What is the history of medical marijuana and the US government? - Medical Marijuana -
What is the history of medical marijuana and the US government? Read pros, cons, and expert responses in the debate
Pharmaceutical Drugs Based on Cannabis - Medical Marijuana -
Pharmaceutical Drugs Based on Cannabis chart
Mitt Romney Doesn't Know What Hemp is! - Kanal: HOSSERLEGALIZE420 - YouTube
North Dakota's agriculture commissioner backs hemp - YouTube
From CNN -Fast-growing hemp used for food, paper, textiles and car parts -Hemp and marijuana have tetrahydrocannabinol, but the level in hemp is lower -North...
Four Former Attorney Generals Call For Legalization Of Marijuana! - Kanal: HOSSERLEGALIZE420 - YouTube
Support for legalizing marijuana in Michigan: The statistics may lie (Tim Skubick column) |
One Detroit attorney who supports legalization says the polling numbers don't give the full story.
Cures to the World - The Economy/Medicine - YouTube
Hemp/Marijuana is a useful Biofuel, Fiber, Building Material, Medicine, Food, and many many more. Hemp/Marijuana has 25,000 differential uses, and it could l...
*****RUN FROM THE CURE - Full Version - YouTube*****
The following presentation of RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story was made possible by Rick Simpson and video producer Christian Laurette . Testimonys of people cured from terminal cancer and other ailments using Simpson oil that Rick provided to them for free.
Phoenix Tears - Rick Simpsons official website
Rick gives a personal message to profiteers selling sub-grade hemp oil that is NOT Simpson oil.
Rick Simpson talks about hemp oil and cancer on - Part 3 - YouTube
Rick describes how he treated his cancer with hemp oil and the legal persecution he has experienced as a result. You can see the film "Run From The Cure" on ...
The TRUTH about Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil (Part 2) - YouTube
Salem News: Run from the cure, never hurts to watch it again:
Rick Simpson on Hemp and Health 2012 - YouTube
This is Rick talking about Jack Herers Hemp and Health 2012. Go to to find more information!
Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis Part 1 - YouTube
Part 1 of MontanaPBS's new documentary, Clearing the Smoke, reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy, cancer, a...
Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis Part 2 - YouTube
Part 2 of MontanaPBS's new documentary, Clearing the Smoke, reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy, cancer, a...
Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis Part 3 - YouTube
Part 3 of MontanaPBS's new documentary, Clearing the Smoke, reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy, cancer, a...
Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis Part 4 - YouTube
Part 4 MontanaPBS's new documentary, Clearing the Smoke, reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy, cancer, and ...
Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis Part 5 - YouTube
The 5th and final part of MontanaPBS's new documentary, Clearing the Smoke, reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epi...
Doctors, Patients Assess Effectiveness of Medical Marijuana | PBS NewsHour | Aug. 23, 2011 | PBS
Sixteen states have passed laws that allow patients to use medical marijuana to treat side effects of various illnesses, but now some states are moving to either limit or repeal those laws. Special correspondent Anna Rau of Montana PBS reports on the experiences of patients and doctors.
DEA Programs, Marijuana Eradication
Inside the DEA, DEA Programs, Marijuana Eradication
Marijuana Bill In Congress: Barney Frank, Ron Paul Legislation Would End Federal Ban On Pot
Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) will introduce legislation on Thursday to end the federal ban on marijuana and let the states decide whether to legalize it. “The legislation would limit the federal government’s role in marijuana enforcement to cross-border or inter-state smuggling, allowing people to legally grow, use or sell marijuana in states where it is legal,� according to the Marijuana Policy Project, which advocates for pot legalization.
As The DEA Raids Dispensaries, It Hands Out Cannabis Growing Licenses To Big Pharma
The 420 Times Medical Marijuana News Magazine helps you find local dispensaries, collectives, doctors and caregivers.
Patent On Pot |
Are they confused in Washington, D.C., or just deceptive? That is the burning question. You be the judge. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency The FDA noted that no sound scientific studies supported medical use of marijuana for treatment in the United States, and no animal or human data supported the safety or efficacy of marijuana for general medical use. This statement was released to the general public after the Feds filed a patent on pot, to corner the market on many of its medicinal uses.
Patent On Pot |
Printer friendly version for the article above
CANNABIS patent updates
Cannabis - full listing of recent patents, inventions and new technologies and a free subscription to track new patents related to Cannabis
United States Patent: 6630507 - owned by DHHS
cannabidiol - DHHS Patent - Google Search
cannabinol - DHHS Patent -Google Search
Bill Cooper On Marijuana Hemp Prohibition (1 of 3) - Kanal: HOSSERLEGALIZE420 - YouTube
Statewide campaign to legalize marijuana in Michigan kicking off in Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor news
Attorney General suggested changes to MMMact
Deaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs - Medical Marijuana -
Deaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs featuring hundreds of credible pros and cons including scientific marijuana
America Wants Scientists to Lie About Marijuana - YouTube
Stop the Lies About Marijuana Cannabis Cannabis Psychosis Marijuana Gateway Drug Overdose Skunk Addiction Weed Genetically Modified GMO Antimarijuana
U.S. Weed Biowarfare [See Description] - YouTube Growers Beware of intentionally...
Antique Cannabis Book / A Price Guide to Antiques
Antique Cannabis Book / A Price Guide to Antiques. With Over 600 Pre-1937 Medical Cannabis Products Documented -a Great Resource book for the Antique Cannabis Collector / After you see some of the memorabilia when Cannabis was an accepted medicine, ask yourself this......  Why does the DEA insist that Cannabis (Marihuana, Marijuana slang)  it remains listed as a Schedule I Narcotic and has not medicinal value.
What do they have to gain by it's illegality?
Grow More Pot - YouTube
A "Must See"  //   Jello Biafra Speech
Marijuana News - Topix
News  and public comments  (from extremem pro to extremem con) on Marijuana
Matthew Abel
Matthew R. Abel is an attorney in Detroit, MI practicing in Criminal. Also find other legal information here.
The Straight Dope: Did George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grow marijuana?
Proposed tweaks to Michigan's medical marijuana law: Speed up registration, tighten doctor-patient relationship |
Legislation would deal with the backlog of medical marijuana registration applications and other issues.
Correction: The press will not be excluded from Attorney General Bill Schuette's medical marijuana meeting in Saginaw Township Tuesday |
A representative for state Attorney General Bill Schuette says a report by The Saginaw News stating that media will be excluded from a medical marijuana meeting in Saginaw Township is wrong.
Medical marijuana advocates to protest at Attorney General Bill Schuette's closed meeting with law enforcement in
Comments on Medical marijuana advocates to protest at Attorney General Bill Schuette's closed meeting with law enforcement in Saginaw Township | Saginaw News -
Mike Cox to deliver keynote address at Wayne State marijuana symposium |
Former Michigan Attorney General is the keynote speaker at a medical marijuana policy symposium hosted by the Wayne Law Review at Wayne State University.
Saginaw Township |
Dr. Robert Townsend of Clare, who operates a medical marijuana certification clinic in Saginaw, regards a series of closed-door meetings being conducted by state Attorney General Bill Schuette with law enforcement and government officials as "really scary stuff."
Greenhouse Gas Data Publication Tool
Greenhouse Gas Data | Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program | Climate Change | U.S. EPA
Quantifying-the-Benefits-of-Green-Chemistry.doc.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Symposium to explore state's marijuana reform, January 27 > Flint-Genesee County Legal News
Legal News operates nine newspapers to provide up to date legal news and up to the hour Public Notices for Michigan Lawyers.
Muskegon News -
United We Strike
Hemp Oil Used To Cure Diabetes (worth a watch) - YouTube
another video given by a very good friend.
Do It Yourself - THC Resin Extraction
AAMC: Cannabis and Pain Management
Chronic pain
The UK Cannabis Internet Activists Website: Website of the Legalise Cannabis UK Campaigns. Cannabis Information and UK Cannabis, UK campaigning for hemp, marijuana , cannabis.
medical college of virginia cancer tumour research conducted in 1974 - Google Search
Drug Free America Foundation, formerly known as Straight, Inc.: March 2005
Take Action | Drug Policy Alliance
Help end the war on drugs by letting your representatives, family, and friends know that you stand for drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights.
31 Random Facts about Marijuana
A selection of random and interesting marijuana facts and its use throughout history.
:: Will the Real Bill Schuette Please Stand Up - Review Magazine ::
AG Schuette On Duty–For The DEA | The Midwest Cultivator
Marijuana charter amendment proposed in Kalamazoo 'illegal,' says state Attorney General Bill Schuette |
"It is simply unfathomable that we would ask police officers to look the other way when a crime is being committed," Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is quoted in a news release issued today.
WITH VIDEOS: Ferndale medical marijuana dispensary raided -
Pontiac, Michigan daily newspaper covering local, regional, and national news including local sports, video and multimedia coverage, and classified advertising.
Medical Marijuana: A Note of Caution on Hemp Oil Curing Cancer
Ohio Patient Network is a coalition of patients, caregivers, activists and medical professionals who support the compassionate use of cannabis for various medicinal purposes. Our mission is to coordinate information between patients, medical professionals, and attorneys, as well as to educate the public and keep Ohio Patient members current with the latest developments in medical marijuana. Ohio Patient Action Network has the additional mission of lobbying, at all levels of government, for the therapeutic use of cannabis. Donations to OPAN (501-C4) are not tax deductable and donations to OPN (a 501-C3) are tax deductable.
Cannabis Facts for Canadians: Essential information for an informed debate about cannabis policy
Cannabis Embassy of South Africa
Publications - Belgian Science Policy
Medical Marijuana Facts
medical marijuana facts
Other Issues
Medical marijuana advocate files third recall petition targeting Attorney General Bill Schuette |
The Midland County Election Commission will meet to decide if the recall petition language is clear enough to circulate to voters.
Marijuana tester finds 'Street-bought' pot unsafe - Petoskey News
GAYLORD - The owner of a Gaylord laboratory which tests locally grown medical marijuana fears patients who use black-market pot may be subjecting themselves to unsafe levels of mold and
Kalamazoo voters overwhelmingly pass charter amendment de-emphasizing marijuana enforcement |
The ballot question voters approved Tuesday was: "Shall the Kalamazoo City Charter be amended such that the use and/or consumption of one ounce or less of usable marijuana by adults 21 years or older is the lowest priority of law enforcement personnel?"
Medical marijuana rally attendees call for reca - Flash Player
UPDATED: 3 p.m. -- LANSING -- Nearly a thousand medical marijuana advocates remained at the Capitol this afternoon as many of them called for a recall of Attorney General Bill Schuette for what they see as his assault on patient rights.
Lansing marijuana dispensary: City sent cease and desist letter, cashed check anyway |
A shuttered medical marijuana dispensary in Lansing says the city cashed its application fee, despite the fact it'll no longer authorize dispensaries.
Marijuana initiative meant to highlight Kalamazoo's attitude toward pot, advocate says |
Louis Stocking, the driving force behind a ballot proposal to de-prioritize marijuana possession by people 21 and older in Kalamazoo, said he designed the proposal to lobby for decriminalization and label the city as a pot-friendly place.
Comments on Why Michigan should form a state-regulated, independent medical marijuana cooperative (Peter Luke column) | Michigan Politics & Elections -
Jackson residents ready to work on legalizing marijuana in Michigan |
"Everybody that I've talked to said it should be legalized," said Steve Sharpe, a medical marijuana patient who is volunteering on the campaign. "We want the public to be involved in this because it's their health and it's their money."
How the Marijuana Re-Legalization Movement Has Been Betrayed by Soros, Nadleman (DPA) and Kampia (MPP)
Minor Marijuana-Possession Charges Require Public View -
Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly reminded officers not to arrest people who have small amounts of marijuana in their possession unless it is in public view.
DPA's Ethan Nadelmann Debates Former DEA Head Asa Hutchinson at University of Arkansas | Drug Policy Alliance
        Quite the debate, worth a view
Board of Directors | Drug Policy Alliance
You'l recognize prominent names sitting on the board of this organization that supports outright legalization of drugs. Question the intent.
Ag Bill Schuette's Attack... - Michigan Medical Marijuana Association
Attorney General Bill Schuette’s attack on the law violates voters - 9/5/2011 Rev. Stephen B. Thompson Northern Express Weekly Michigan Attorney Gen...
Corporate Take Over - MNS Forums
Corporate Take Over By JessE "Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be;
Cool Cannabis: Marijuana Can Beat Alzheimer’s | Healthmad
CC10: WARNING: Health Canada is Dangerous
Michigan Medical Marijuana
7 Chilling Reasons Why You Shouldn't Smoke Marijuana - YouTube
Here are 7 truthful and chilling reasons why smoking marijuana is bad for you.
HIGHTIMES.COM > Michigan Unites!
Converting crops into cars
Africa's first online science magazine
Marijuana History
Marijuana history information provided as a public service by Narconon International. The history of marijuana, for use in drug education
History of Marijuana -
Grow Marijuana FAQ, Cannabis cultivation - marijuana growing tips & photos
Nutrient Profiles and Deficiencies by Mr. HIGHway - Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis, marijuana growing,Plant trouble.
Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain - YouTube
Gary Wenk, professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at The Ohio State University discusses what happens to our brains as we age. Low doses of marijuana seem ...
Proof That Marijuana is Dangerous!!! - YouTube our antiquated systems
50 Famous Quotes on Marijuana (Cannabis Hemp) - YouTube
Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US
Best Marijuana Argument Ever: Given By Superior Court Judge James P. Gray - YouTube
Retired Superior Court Judge James P. Gray testifies in favor of a marijuana legalization bill in the California Assembly on October 28, 2009. Judge Gray is ...
Marijuana : The Facts They Don't Want You To Hear - YouTube
Due to the recent sacking scandal of Dr David Nutt I felt it necessary to post this.
MMM Report - Grass Roots - YouTube
MMM Report Presents: Grassroots Learn How to place this video on Community Access. Join the Vote Green Initiative Project and become part of the MMM movement...
Weed Smoker's Dream -Harlem Hamfats - YouTube
Another oddity from my archives. Despite their name, the "Harlem" Hamfats were a Chicago band in the 1930's whose members came from various places; for examp...
Guess Who's Against Marijuana Legalization - YouTube
    99.5% Home Purchase with 500+ FICO: 500FICO.Set2GoFunding.comMarijuana Growing - Marijuana - Marijuana Growing - Medical Cannabis
Marijuana Growing community, Providing the latest news on medical marijuana legalization.
FEDRA - Research project
Marijuana and Hemp Information
Oldest pot stash found, so busted - Phoenix Cannabis Culture |
Ever lose a weed bag and you can't find it anywhere? Then six months go by and your doing some spring cleaning, and BOOM, 6-mouth-old sack of weed. It was way t
Marijuana Conspiracy The truth Pt 1 - YouTube
Marijuana is very dangerous and a real the government and company industries. The truth. If you agree on legalizing marijuana, then please cli...
Marijuana conspiracy The truth Pt 2 - YouTube
This is pt 2. Marijuana is very dangerous and a real the government and company industries. The truth. If you agree on legalizing marijuana, t...
Marijuana is EXTREMELY dangerous! - YouTube
This video shows a comparison of marijuana to 17 other drugs that the FDA has approved for human use. The song used in the video is Thicker Than a Smokey by ...
Best Marijuana Argument Ever: Given By Superior Court Judge James P. Gray - YouTube
Retired Superior Court Judge James P. Gray testifies in favor of a marijuana legalization bill in the California Assembly on October 28, 2009. Judge Gray is ...
Spot anti-marijuana (Usa 1930) - YouTube
Tratto dal film "L'erba proibita"
Banned Anti-marijuana commercial - YouTube
Banned Anti-marijuana commercial
Scientists Are High On Idea That Marijuana Reduces Memory Impairment
Marijuana Smoke Not as Damaging as Tobacco, Says Study - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: Smoking Weed Moderately Not Linked to Lung Damage
medical marijuana « Eideard
Federal Crackdown on Marijuana in California Is No Joke - National - The Atlantic Wire
The feds want fewer marijuana shops and more small-scale growing and selling
MAPS Media Archive: NIDA/PHS Rejects Marijuana/PTSD Protocol, Blocking MAPS’ FDA-Reviewed Study
On September 16, after a delay of four and a half months, the US Department of Health and Human Services informed MAPS that the five NIDA/PHS reviewers had unanimously rejected our planned study of marijuana for veterans with PTSD as currently designed. According to MAPS Executive Director Rick Doblin, Ph.D., the reviewers offered contradictory critiques, misunderstood key protocol design elements, requested expensive and tangential additions to the protocol, and made unfounded assumptions about the study design, revealing their focus on basic science research and lack of familiarity with drug development research. The reviewers also treated the submission as if MAPS were requesting a government grant for the study rather than using private funds. Even if NIDA does eventually agree to sell MAPS the marijuana, getting to that point will take extensive, time-consuming, and costly negotiations—while veterans continue to suffer. For a concise summary of the HHS review, see the September 16 HHS cover letter. For MAPS’ detailed, point-by-point response to the HHS review, see the annotated reviewer comments. Download MAPS’ official press release announcing the HHS rejection.
Medical Marijuana
The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a membership-based, IRS-approved 501 (c) (3) non-profit research and educational organization. We assist scientists to design, fund, obtain approval for and report on studies into the risks and benefits of MDMA, psychedelic drugs and marijuana. MAPS' mission is to sponsor scientific research designed to develop psychedelics and marijuana into FDA-approved prescription medicines, and to educate the public honestly about the risks and benefits of these drugs. Read our strategy statement for more information. We need your support so together we can make a difference. In addition to general membership donations, MAPS is seeking to raise funds for specific research projects. These are our funding priorities and here are our financial reports.
Medical Cannabis Olive Oil - YouTube
How to Make Quality Medical Cannabis Olive Oil for Baking
Pot-based prescription drug looks for FDA OK - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: A quarter-century after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first prescription drugs based on the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, additional medicines derived from or inspired by the cannabis plant itself could soon be making their way to pharmacy shelves, according to drug companies, small biotech firms and university scientists.
Supreme Court Rules Against Medical Marijuana
The federal government may prosecute patients who use marijuana even in states with laws allowing medicinal use of the drug, the Supreme Court ruled Monday.
Marijuana Smoking Doesn't Kill
Unlike cigarettes, marijuana smoking does not lead to death, two studies show.
Synthetic Pot as a Military Weapon? Meet the Man Who Ran the Secret Program | Drugs | AlterNet
Dr. James Ketchum tested a potent form of synthetic marijuana on soldiers to develop a secret weapon in the '60s. Now he's telling the tale.
Police Marijuana Raid Turns Deadly; Prosecutor Seeks to Employ NDAA? - Salem-News.Com
The police invasion of a private home leaves a law enforcement officer dead and a U.S. veteran facing the death penalty.It could be the most definitive example of why rogue SWAT tactics and marijuana are a bad mix......
Heroic Attorney Jessica Corry Talks About Marijuana - YouTube [Safer] Marijuana is Safer
Pharmaceutical Industry vs. Cannabis - YouTube
Genetically Modified Marijuana : The Future of Medical Cannabis?
This past week yielded some exciting news in the field of “Cannabis science” with the announcement that the Cannabis Sativa genome (DNA) has been sequenced. Every organism, Cannabis and Human included, has a genome that contains all of the biological information needed to build and maintain a living example of that organism. Therefore, the ...
Nature News Blog: Weed sequenced. No really – weed.
At last, the field of genomics has something to offer Cheech and Chong. Genome sequencing hit a new high last night with the midnight release of the Cannabis sativa genome. The raw sequence was posted on Amazon’s EC2 public cloud computing service by a young company called Medicinal Genomics, which aims to explore the genomes of therapeutic plants.
Charlie Langton « CBS Detroit
Charlie Langton News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Detroit.
Symposium - Wayne State Law School 1-27-12 Pt1 - Michigan Medical Marijuana Association
Former Michigan Attorney Gen'l Cox, Cannabis Advocate Lawyer, Matthew Abel, the pharmaceutical and health industries all put their 2 cents in on the debate Medical Cannabis (Marihuana, Marijuana slang)
In the Weeds: Regulations Lag as Medical Marijuana Grows | PBS NewsHour | Feb. 1, 2010 | PBS
In the Weeds: Regulations Lag as Medical Marijuana Grows: Medical marijuana is booming in Colorado. In Denver alone, there are more dispensaries legally selling the drug than there are Starbucks. But as medical marijuana use expands, regulation has struggled to keep pace.
randolph hearst marijuana propaganda - Google Search
Themes in Chemical Prohibition: Sec 2 - Drug News Bot
This automated site gathers breaking illegal drug-related news 24/7. It performs concept analysis on the articles and sorts them by content.
Anonymous : Truth About Cannabis - YouTube
Macomb Daily : Event gives crowds a sky high 07/22/07
2008 Statewide Ballot Proposals Summary with link to full text
About Michigan News and Press Free Submission-
Michigan News - Free News Distribution for Michigan Business
Herb of Knowledge -
Genetically Modified 
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Oil & Gas
Random Links
Chito Medina-National Organic Agriculture Board ---
"GMOs is just something, like, if you will pardon my word,
something like you are raping the species,
because you are using the gene without its consent and without its normal biology."
GMO - Genetically Modified Organism  and Cannabis/Hemp
Thoughts out of the 'Wudz
They've been playing with altering the genetics of Cannabis for a good decades now.
Just as in the worlds corn, soybean, sugar beets etc.. // You've certainly heard about how
cannabis "is much more potent these days".  Well HELLO??? Irony is, industries as Monsanto and GW Pharma
have set up shop in Denmark for well over a couple decades and are allowed to grow & research to create patentable
cannabis/hemp in the form(s) of pharmaceuticals, plant strains (The Kush's, White Widow, AK47
and the bulk of all the other goofy names). The DEA has granted permits to
few but important industries whereas it is difficult for the smaller firms to be awarded these permits
due to excessive costs and hoops they simply do not have the means to do. Wish they'd make up
their mind, prove that Cannabis/Hemp is evil or please get out of the way.
People's health and lives must never be considered as 'collateral damage' in the quest for Profit Protection.
Monsanto employees and government regulatory agencies employees are the same people!
Monsanto employees and government regulatory agencies employees are the same people! Taking part of the 'revolving door' in politics.
GMO Cannabis Watch: GMO Hemp Monopolies & California's SB 676
        Follow the money
GMO Cannabis Watch: High Times, (DEA) Operation Green Merchant & the Cannabis Cup
Monsanto, GMO's and Terminator Cannabis
The South African Dagga Party. Dagga for a sustainable nation
The Biotechnology of Cannabis sativa! - 420 Magazine ®
[CENTER]The Biotechnology of Cannabis sativa Sam R. Zwenger April, 2009 ! "! ! #! This book is dedicated to the future of humankind. Please distribute it at no charge. “I smoke pot, and I like it.
Monsanto, and GMO Terminator Cannabis - Salem-News.Com
Cannabis prohibition has served to redirect human evolution from that of a decentralized agrarian lifestyle and natural economy, to a centralized petro-chemical military dictatorship controlled through the artificial economic will of private ban.....
GMO Cannabis Watch: Killing Cannabis with GMO Fungi
Conspiracy Planet - #1 Public Enemy - GMO Cannabis Conspiracy: Prop 19, DPA & Monsanto
Prop 19, Monsanto, And Terminator Cannabis - GreenPassion - Dedicated to Medicinal Cannabis
My link Great read Home — Blogs — radicaljusticeman's blog PROPOSITION 19, MONSANTO, AND TERMINATOR CANNABIS radicaljusticeman | September 9, 2...
Genetically modified medpot? | Cannabis Culture Magazine
Would You Smoke Marijuana Patented by Monsanto? « – Organic Blog
Speculations that California state senate bill SB 676 on industrial hemp farming has the potential to regulate seeds through the largely corporate agriculture industry has pro-cannabis activists concerned that it could lead to the genetic modification of marijuana and hemp crops on par with corn, soy and cotton
US: Prop. 19, Monsanto, and GMO Terminator Cannabis -
US: Prop. 19, Monsanto, and GMO Terminator Cannabis COTO / radicaljusticeman / October 25, 2010 KPFZ Cannabis prohibition has served to redirect human Ad OPPOSING Yes on Prop. 19 Marijuana Legaliz.flv - YouTube
Total Crap Ad OPPOSING Yes on Prop. 19 Marijuana Legalization - YouTube
The battle has begun to stop the legalization of marijuana. This video not by exposes the chilling facts about marijuana and urges you to PLED...
Herb of Knowledge -
Genetically Modified 
Hemp &
Oil & Gas
Random Links
    Industrial Hemp
James Woolsey, hemp advocate | Energy Bulletin
Industrial Hemp Enterprise
Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) has been grown many centuries for the fibre produced in its stems and for hemp seed, a source of vegetable oil.
Industrial Hemp Production in Canada
A history of hemp production and processing in Canada and an assessment of the current situation for production and marketing
Marijuana and Hemp Information
Soybean Car

Henry Ford Museum website aka "hemp car". States how original formula was lost and the hemp/soy car had been destroyed
Hemp Car

Hemp Car!
Archival Materials - FordHemp
Industrial Hemp Competition: BiG-OIL Monopolies

Rockefeller (BiG-OIL, BiG-pharma, BiG-agri & monsanto, BiG-biotech, CFR / media + politics, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers), DuPont (chemical plastics from Rockefeller OIL and petroleum).
Help Legalize Hemp & Marijuana in 2012! - Kanal: HOSSERLEGALIZE420 - YouTube

Pasadena Weekly - Hemp: The 'miracle plant' that can save the planet

    Pasadena Weekly is the definitive news, culture and entertainment resource for the greater Pasadena area.         Award-winning journalism, lifestyle features and entertainment choices free in print and online.
YouTube - Canadian Cannabis Car called Kestrel Coming soon.
Project Eve<br><br>Motive Industries<br><br>TM4 Electrodynamic Systems<br><br>Toronto Electric<br>http://www.torontoel...
Introducing Kestrel, The First Road-Ready Car Built Out Of Hemp | Popular Science
Hemp Car - Kestrel - Kanal: HOSSERLEGALIZE420 - YouTube

Lotus announces hemp-based Eco Elise: a new type of ‘green’ car » Transport 2.0
Canada’s Kestrel EV to use hemp composite body parts -

Canada’s Kestrel EV to use hemp composite body parts
Hemp Lotus Elise from Fifth Gear C5 - YouTube

The first ever HempFibre, the new carbonfibre, car, for lighter panel weight and an all round higher driving experience. The first car Hashup
Canadian Firm Really Goes Green with Hemp Car- hemp
Canadian Firm Really Goes Green with Hemp Car. Hemp car set to debut at a specialized auto show next month. The four-seat car, called the Kestrel, has an outer shell of a hemp-based composite, which home of hemp
Canadian firm really goes green with hemp car | Reuters

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian developers are plotting a small revolution in the still-tiny market for electric cars, with a concept vehicle made from hemp set to debut at a specialized auto show next month.The
Hemp for Victory 2011 - Hemp Can Restore Our Economy and Our Independence - YouTube
There is a lot at stake in our country due to continued prohibition that is not only expensive but un-necessary. We have farmers out of work because of the s...
US should get into Hemp business - YouTube
Roger Johnson discussing how US should get into the hemp business
CBC News - Technology & Science - Cannabis electric car to be made in Canada
An electric car made of hemp is being developed by a group of Canadian companies in collaboration with an Alberta Crown corporation.
YouTube - Hemp Lotus Elise from Fifth Gear C5
The first ever HempFibre, the new carbonfibre, car, for lighter panel weight and an all round higher driving experience.<br />The first car Hashup

Industrial Hemp in the United States: Status and Market Potential


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Hemp &
Oil & Gas
Random Links

Oil & Gas

Safety and Health Topics: Hazardous Waste - Representative - Representative Gillard
Bill Schuette on Duty...for Big Oil - YouTube
Michigan GOP Attorney General candidate Bill Schuette is on duty...for Big Oil. The 25-year career politician has taken numerous campaign contributions from ...
19890126 Potential Health Hazards Associated with Handling Pipe used in Oil and Gas Production.
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board | Decision D99-31
Decision D99-31
Rfd GH-2-93 TransCanada PipeLines Limited September 1993
Oil and Gas at Your Door?
Hazards Associated with De-Watering of Pipelines
Moga folder (Page 3)
Research Brief #2
Industrial Sectors Affected by TENORM
Kentucky Resources Council
IEA Search Results
Permitted Gas Compressor Stations
The Regulatory Studies Program - It is Time to Reevaluate the Toxic Release Inventory
Mercatus Center - Susan E. Dudley
MLUI Attorney Genl Grandholm gas letter
MICHIGAN'S Oil and gas Rules
Oil, Gas and Natural Resources
Michigan Legislature
1998 PEER Survey of Michigan DEQ Employees
Gaylord Herald Times
Legislator Contact Info
Contact AG Gov't contacts
Issues Paper on Radiation Site Cleanup Regulations
Technical Report on the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in Waste Final Draft (Feb 2005)
1 1999 Rationale Part N Regulation and Licensing of Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM)
WNYC - Reading Room: Bush Versus the Environment
Oil Depletion
Accelerated Depletion: Assessing Its Impacts on Domestic Oil and Natural Gas Prices and Production
Twin natural gas wells proposed in Otsego, Montmorency Counties
Gaylord Herald Times
Canadian Vision Leading the Energy Industry : FUJITSU
Department of Energy Home
New oil and gas recovery program tackles CO2 emissions
Michigan Oil and Gas Fact Sheet
Pleasanton Township, Michigan
Michigan Regulatory Fact Sheet
Office of Pipeline Safety: Stakeholder Communications
Office of Pipeline Safety Communications: General Public
DOE - Fossil Energy Techline: Clean Up Method for Cold War Sites May Save Costs for Oil, Gas Industry
DOE - Fossil Energy: Testimony of Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Mark Maddox to the House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources
10 CFR Part 20--Standards for Protection Against Radiation
Potential Radiological Doses Associated with Disposal of Petroleum Industry Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Via Landsp
Potential Radiological Doses Associated with Disposal of Petroleum Industry Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Via Landsp
Technical Report on the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in Waste Final Draft (Feb 2005)
The Radioactive Boy Scout - Ken Silverstein
NORM - An Issue for the Energy Industry
Mechanical Acoustics/Vibration engineering - Noise control in natural gas stations
Iroquois Gas Transmission: Acoustic Buildings with Barn-like Architectural Detailing
Noise Reduction for Oil & Gas Projects by ATCO Noise Management
Rivers At Risk
Great Lake Bulletin Spring 1997
Gas & Oil Pipeline Accidents Lawsuit Overview - Find Trial Lawyers and Attorneys with Experience in Gas & Oil Pipeline Accidents Personal Injury Law
Bad Tax Breaks for Dirty Energy - National Priorities Project
Media - National Priorities Project
Tragedy Points to Federal Divestment in U.S. Infrastructure and Communities - National Priorities Project
Michigan Oil and Gas Well Permits Issued or Modified in 1999
Michigan Oil and Gas Well Permits Issued or Modified in 2000
Michigan Oil and Gas well permits issued or modified in 2001
Michigan Oil and Gas Well Permits for 2002
Michigan Oil and Gas Well Permits for 2003
Ecology Center
Communities - Technical Communities - Divisions
Achieving noise control objectives at pipeline facilities, LNG terminals. | Petroleum, Energy and Mining Industries
The American Enterprise: Drill Phobia
Earthworks - Oil & Gas Accountability Project
MDEQ Twin Well Requirements Permit
The Bush-Saudi Connection - Alaska thanks you | Scientists say White House muzzled them
Environmental & Health Impacts of BP Oil Spill by Dr Tom Termotto | NowPublic News Coverage
Environmental & Health Impacts of BP Oil Spill by Dr Tom Termotto
Gas Drilling in Clearville PA: Weitz & Luxenberg hosts community town hall meeting
Weitz & Luxenberg hosts community town hall meeting in Clearville PA
Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead - Yahoo! News
Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a top scientist's video and slides that she says demonstrate the oil isn't degrading as hoped and has decimated life on parts of the sea floor.
Indigenous Ecuadoran woman humbles US oil giant - Yahoo! News
She has no legal training, and doesn't speak the Spanish that dominates government in Quito but indigenous villager Maria Aguinda helped bring a landmark judgment against US oil giant Chevron for polluting the rain forest she calls home.
Despite overhaul, gas wastewater still a problem - Yahoo! News
Pennsylvania's natural gas drillers are still flushing vast quantities of contaminated wastewater into rivers that supply drinking water, despite major progress by the industry over the past year in curtailing the practice.
Report: Radioactive fracking waste being dumped into waterways that feed drinking water supplies - Yahoo! News
On Sunday, the New York Times published an extensive front-page expose on hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. Times reporter Ian Urbina culled his account from thousands of internal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documents leaked to the paper, together with similar material the Times obtained from state regulators and drillers. The most frightening takeaway: Natural [...]
Coal ash dumps a ‘time bomb’ for Michigan water, environmentalists say | Michigan Messenger
The dangers associated with waste from coal-fired power plants got some attention last month when a billion gallons of coal ash spilled from a storage pond
Update From the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
'World News' has the latest on the damages to be paid by BP.
Gas drilling's promise, perils rile townsfolk - Yahoo! News
Ron Hilliard came back from church one Sunday to find hundreds of plastic $5, $10, $20 and $100 bills hanging on his fence in Flower Mound, Texas, another message from townsfolk angry at him for signing a lucrative natural gas drilling lease for his suburban Dallas property.
Energy Probe - DuPont&#039;s Disgraceful Deeds: The Environmental Record of E.I. DuPont de Nemour
hydraulic_fracturing_implications.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Fracking pictures
Hydraulic Fracturing
Gongwer News Highlights, September 2, 2011
Barleda Corporation CC - crude oil, petroleum products, pharmaceutical
crude oil, petroleum products, pharmaceutical and more... See info for all products/services from Barleda Corporation CC.
Petroleum & Petroleum Products : products of India
Petroleum & Petroleum Products : Products directory & product catalogues of Petroleum & Petroleum Products from India - yes, our pharaceuticals are derived from petroleum components
Transcript | This American Life
Calvin Tillman, Former Mayor of DISH, TX
October 24, 2011 Harry Forestell talks with Calvin Tillman about shale gas extraction - YouTube
Experts: Okla. quakes too powerful to be man-made -
Thousands of times every day, drilling deep underground causes the earth to tremble. But don't blame the surprise flurry of earthquakes in Oklahoma on man's thirst for oil and gas, experts say.
'Gasland' Director Josh Fox Arrested for Filming Congressional Hearing | Video Cafe
Ed Schultz spoke to 'GasLand' director Josh Fox about his arrest this Wednesday while attempting to film a Congressional hearing on hydraulic fracturing.
EPA Gets a Congressional Grilling Over Recent Fracking Report | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Amidst all the hoopla and press coverage of Gasland director Josh Fox getting ejected from a Congressional hearing this week, an actual hearing did take place. The House subcommittee on Energy and the Environment took testimony Wednesday on
Citizen Groundwater Surface Water Database - Tracking Change
Pennsylvania Groundwater Surfacewater Database and Information System and Data for Pennsylvania and the Marcellus Shale Region. This is the Citizen Groundwater and Surfacewater Database, a grassroots effort to support the citizens and private well owners, of Pennsylvania.
Research on Marcellus Drilling Hampered by Lack of Data, Lack of Funding, and Concerns of Bias | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has said he wants to make decisions about drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale based on good science.  But the effort to research the impact of shale drilling has been hampered by lack of funding, lack of data and claims of bias. During the next several months, lawmakers
TIME: Sierra Club Took Millions From Gas Drillers | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Here in Pennsylvania, the Sierra Club is one of the fiercest opponents of natural gas drilling. The group has pushed for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing,opposes additional leasing of state forest land, and wants lawmakers to pass a broad severance tax. That's why TIME Magazine's new report was so surprising: TIME has learned that between
Tainted EPA Report on Fracking Blasted by Gas Co.
With oil prices rising again, you'd think the government would look for alternative sources of energy. But the EPA has another agenda.
Info meeting on fracking held in Atlanta - Petoskey News
ATLANTA - With oil and gas exploration here in Northern Michigan on the upswing again, the process of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is very much in the news these days. To
Political Week in Review: Michigan’s Sportsmen Take Aim at Clean Air Attacks « THE WMEAC BLOG
The Illuminati and the House of Rothschild
Red Ice Creations
DNR - Salmonellosis
Department of Natural Resources - Salmonellosis
Natural gas drilling in Northern Michigan poses threat to water supplies « Michigan Messenger
BREAKING: Leaky Pipeline Spills 19K Barrels Of Crude Oil Into Michigan River
On Monday, a faulty Michigan pipeline full of oil sprung a leak, sending over 19,000 barrels of crude (840,000 gallons) into a creek that feeds into the Kalamazoo River.
Herb of Knowledge -
Genetically Modified 
Hemp &
Oil & Gas
Random Links


Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us | International | The Observer
Emerging Disease Issues - Treatment and Prevention
Emerging Disease Issues - Prompt diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics can cure the infection and prevent later complications in both humans and domestic animals.
Season creep: Warming climate leads to shifting Michigan seasons
Wild Cherry
Bulk Herb Store - Products
Bulk Herbs, spices and botanicals

Buy bulk herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Homeopathic, Essential Oils, at The Herb Shop,
Neck Manipulation: Safety, Contraindications, and Risks of Cervical Spine Manipulation
The Makers Diet by Jordan Rubin of Garden of Life
Elk Springs Ranch, LLC. - Elk for Sale - Order Velvet Antler Pills, Velvet Antler Capsules
challenging_times.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Hemp oil plant planned for southwest - Winnipeg Free Press
OTTAWA and the province teamed up Tuesday to help build a new hemp oil processing plant in southwest... - Business - Winnipeg Free Press.
Marijuana & Cannabis Plant Problems, Plant Grow Problem -
Plant Grow Problem: Marijuana Hydro provides information to solve marijuana & cannabis plant grow problem and more.
Genetic code of cannabis reported unlocked - CBS News
Breakthrough may help researchers maximize pot's therapeutic benefits, minimize its psychoactive effects
Old news seemingly new with a bit of profit protection in the air
Oilseed Processing for Small-Scale Producers
This publication describes the basic processes involved in oil processing including seed cleaning, extraction, clarification, packaging and storage with sources for more information and equipment.
House Urged to Quickly Ban Great Lakes Drilling so Michigan Isn’t Next Oil Disaster Zone | Clean Water Action
Proposals in House will protect Michigan's lakes, economy LANSING, MI - Clean Water Action today applauded a state House panel for moving forward a proposed permanent ban on oil drilling in the Great Lakes and called on the full House to act quickly
Psychology of Cyberspace - The Online Disinhibition Effect
The Case Against Monsanto Extended - spiritualfoodcsa
Home page for Spiritual Food for the New Millennium CSA. We focus on local biodynamic foods.
California Legislature Passes Bill Protecting Farmers Against Monsanto Lawsuits
California Legislature Passes Bill Protecting Farmers Against Monsanto Lawsuits NOTE: More good news from the US. This is a major step forward. California's is the 8th largest economy in the world.
Millions Against Monsanto Campaign - Take Action
Research and Action Center for the Organic, Buy local, and Fair trade movements.
FDA and Department of Health are Anti-Health Corrupt Government Agencies - YouTube
Monsanto food attacking healthy organic foods. Formerly employed for Monsanto now work for the fda. The FDA needs to be overhauled.
legislators formerly employed monsanto - Google Search
Monsanto is trying to take over the world
Monsanto is trying to take over the world
» Hijacked Regulatory Agencies Do the Bidding Of Big Ag in the War on Natural Food Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Haitians Burn Monsanto's Seeds « The Future of Food Documentary ...
Center for Food Safety:
Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds |
Video: Haitian farmers burn Monsanto seeds in protest // Current
This is beautiful to watch! Haitian farmers (approx. 10,000 protesters in all) protested on June 4 for World Environment Day by burning seeds sent to Haiti by
India Farmers Beat Monsanto Rep — Real Food Forager
Racketeering Charges Filed Against Donald Rumsfeld & Monsanto
Racketeering Charges Filed Against Donald Rumsfeld & Monsanto 1.MONSANTO MEN in USA Government 2.Racketeering charges filed against Donald Rumsfeld... 3.World welcomes shift in Washington political landscape
Donald Rumsfeld is evil
Obama Gives Key Agriculture Post to Monsanto Man
Obama Gives Key Agriculture Post to Monsanto Man | Disinformation
Gary Ruskin for the Centre for Research on Globalization: Today, President Obama announced that he will recess appoint Islam A. Siddiqui to the position of
S510 Illegal Homegrown Food and Monsanto (What They Feed You 5).mp4 - YouTube
Many thanks to : Its Now Illegal for You to Have a Garden. You Will NOT Eat Healthy Home Grown Food. You Will Eat...
Growing your own Food Illegal!!!! S510 Makes it the Law- ACTION NEEDED!!! - YouTube
S510sign the petition here - Stand up America and Kill this bill The basics of ...
Wrol night in Canada:senate bill-S510, could it happen in Canada?2011 - YouTube
Wrol night in Canada:senate bill-S510, could it happen in Canada?can you grow or buy seeds in the US right now.2011?
Monsanto's "WHORES", the Sentate passes S 510 : 73-25 - YouTube
Monsanto's latest "WHORES", Senator's Akaka (D-HI)Alexander (R-TN)Baucus (D-MT)Bayh (D-IN)Begich (D-AK)Bennet (D-CO)Bingaman (D-NM)Boxer (D-CA)Brown (D-OH)Br...
Lawsuit To Halt GE Crops On Southeastern Refuges: Genetically Engineered Crops on 25 Refuges in 8 States Are Illegal
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: News Releases
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) is a national non-profit alliance of local, state and federal scientists, law enforcement officers, land managers and other professionals dedicated to upholding environmental laws and values.
Decline of honey bees now a global phenomenon, says United Nations | Food Freedom
Farmer to Farmer: The Truth About GM Crops on Vimeo
A short documentary following British farmer Michael Hart as he investigates the reality of farming genetically modified crops in the USA 10 years after their introduction.
Genome British Columbia :: Terminator Technology
I know the U.S. government just allowed a few new GE crops on the market — should I be worried? - Farm Aid
Genetically Modified (GM) Food, Genetically Modified Organisms, Genetic Engineering, GM Food Crops, Engineered GMOs, Genetically Altered Foods
Genetically modified GM food, genetically food modified, GMO Food, GM foods, genetically food, Frankenstein food, genetic engineering, genetic modification, genetically modified crops, genetically modified organism, genetically altered, food safety
MONSANTO IS EVIL ! These folks are pushing Genetically Modified crops (GMO's) onto the Third World in the name of ending hunger, much as the Rockefellers did...
Organic Consumers Association: Millions Against Monsanto Campaign
Research and Action Center for the Organic, Buy local, and Fair trade movements.
GRAIN — Fighting GMO contamination around the world
Conspiracy Planet - Genetic Engineering - Controlling Life: Transgenic Human-Animal Hybrids
Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 1/2 - YouTube Alex Jones addresses one of the darkest modes of power the globalists have used to control the popu...
Monsanto Company Settlement | Compliance and Enforcement | US EPA
The Amazing Revolving Door - Monsanto, FDA And EPA
Organic Seed Alliance - Monsanto Acquires World’s Largest Vegetable Seed Company
Get Ready for World Food Day Actions 10/16/11
Get Ready for World Food Day Actions 10/16/11 Time to start planning our Millions Against Monsanto World Food Day actions!
organicconsumers -- Tell American Public Media to Stop Spreading Monsanto's Lies!
Tell American Public Media to Stop Spreading Monsanto's Lies!
Millions Against Monsanto Campaign - Take Action
Research and Action Center for the Organic, Buy local, and Fair trade movements.
Monsanto Co Contributions to Federal Candidates | OpenSecrets
presidential candidate. See where their money came from.
Honey Bees Depreciating (2 of 9) - YouTube
A documentary about the depletion of Honey bees now known as The Colony Collapse Disorder
Honey Bee Documentary - YouTube
Here it is, my MA dissertation special report about the threats facing honeybees in the UK!
Death of the Bees. Genetically Modified Crops and the Decline of Bee Colonies in North America | Set You Free News
Death of the Bees. Genetically Modified Crops and the Decline of Bee Colonies in North America
Organic foods in relation to nutrition and health key facts
This factsheet is a summary of an article published in Coronary and Diabetic Care in the UK 2004 by the Association of Primary Care Groups and Trusts (UK). It was written by James Cleeton, Polic
Altered Food, GMOs, Genetically Modified Food - National Geographic
Want disease-free grapes? Add a silkworm gene. How about vitamin-enhanced rice? While technology promises new ways to help feed the world, some see risks to the land and to human health.
Plant breeders developing many new food crops without GMOs
Earth-friendly perennial grain crops, which grow with less fertilizer, herbicide, fuel, and erosion than grains planted annually, could be available in two decades, according to researchers writing in a recent issue of the journal Science.
Seeds – How to criminalize them | Food Freedom
Agriculture News - Articles on organic gardening, organic farming and cautions about genetic engineering
Read agriculture news about genetic engineering that creates genetically modified food. Find articles on going organic, organic gardening and organic farming.
Monsanto Corporation: A Biotech Company Responsible for Roundup Ready Soybeans
Monsanto Corporation, a biotech company responsible for Roundup Ready Soybeans.Monsanto's genetically engineered seeds and chemicals are threatening the world's food supply and environment. Monsanto is also privatizing water.
DuPont, one of the worlds largest and most environmentally destructive corporations is moving to control and manipulate the seed and life science industries.
Healing Herbs Pharmaceutical Drugs Comparison: Safety | Cost | Digestion
Most critical area between herbs and drugs is safety. Since 1986, the US government has reported zero deaths due to herbs. Over-the counter pharmaceutical drugs and doctor-physician prescribed medicines kill over one million Americans annually.
GMOs 101 | Organic. It’s Worth It
Herbal Supplements | Articles | Resources | Vascular Disease Foundation
Vascular Disease Foundation's Web Site. VDF offers patient information to increase awareness on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease (Atherosclerosis).
Monsanto’s Man in the Obama Administration » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Monsanto’s Man in the Obama Administration
Lemon Balm Overview | FoundHealth
Understand Lemon Balm, usages in various health conditions, and side effects and warnings. Explore other smart treatment options, see research evidence, and find out about people's experiences with many popular treatments, including feedback from patients and professionals.
pinnatifida photos, Crataegus monogyna photos, article by Steven Foster
Physio and Therapies - Hawthorn has profound effects upon circulation
Physio and Therapies - providing physiotherapy, holistic therapies and more
Fluoride Truth Hits Australian Television - YouTube
"Fluoridation is responsible for 40 million cases of arthritis, dental deformity in 8 million children, allergic reactions in 2 million people and overall 10...
Fluoride Calcifies Your Glands - YouTube
"Fluoridation is responsible for 40 million cases of arthritis, dental deformity in 8 million children, allergic reactions in 2 million people and overall 10...
The pineal gland? What is that? Why the importance?
Herb of Knowledge -
Genetically Modified 
Hemp &
Oil & Gas
Random Links
Random Links - Misc
Northern Country Morels-Morel Mushrooms & Mushroom Hunting
Morel mushrooms, morels, morals, hunting morel mushrooms, finding morels, hunting morels, black morels, yellow morels, grey morels, gray morels, white morels, blond morels, fungi, fungus, shrooms, Michigan morels, northern Michigan morels, morel walking sticks, sticks, hunting sticks, mushroom links, hunting morel mushrooms in Michigan, 2007 morel mushroom reports.
Famous People Making Famous quotes about Conspiracies in our time.  The Banking elite
Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961
The gene pool of Nostadomus shine through.
Baby moose in sprinkler. [VIDEO]
Baby moose in sprinkler.
The American 'allergy' to global warming: Why? - Yahoo! News
Read 'The American 'allergy' to global warming: Why?' on Yahoo! News. Tucked between treatises on algae and prehistoric turquoise beads, the study on page 460 of a long-ago issue of the U.S. journal Science drew little attention.
Credo Mutwa: Zulu Shaman on Reptilians in Africa
Native American Legends - The Origin Of Some Oraibi Clans - Hopi
The Nature Conservancy:
A stunning video glorifying God's magnificent creation
A Coon, Dog & Water = A Bad Recipe
You should have the right to know who is paying to influence your votes (Joyce Pines column) |
Robocalls from Citizens' Alliance for Life & Liberty were made to voters in the Mattawan school district prior to a vote for a bond proposal that would have provided funding for two new schools. What I want to know is who is Citizens' Alliance for Life & Liberty and why did it pay to influence a local millage election?
Protect Chaco Canyon | New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
Northern Plains hit hard by deer-killing disease - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: White-tailed deer populations in parts of eastern Montana and elsewhere in the Northern Plains could take years to recover from a devastating disease that killed thousands of the animals in recent months, wildlife officials and hunting outfitters said.
Song of the trees: Record player hacked to translate tree rings into music | Technology News Blog - Yahoo! News
Read 'Song of the trees: Record player hacked to translate tree rings into music' from our blog Technology News Blog on Yahoo! News. We may never be able to speak with trees, but we can at least listen to their stories thanks to this hacked record player than can translate tree rings into music. The player called Years created by Bartholomäus Traubeck, uses the rings from … Continue reading →
Water Car Inventor Murdered - YouTube
Water Car Inventor Murdered
Kermit and Piggy Fire Back at Fox News | The Upshot - Yahoo! News
Read 'Kermit and Piggy Fire Back at Fox News' from our blog The Upshot on Yahoo! News. Several weeks ago, Dan Gainor of the conservative Media Research Center told Fox Business host Eric Bolling that "The Muppets," the new movie starring Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, had a liberal agenda. "It's amazing how far the left will go ... to manipulate your kids to ... give them the anti-corporate message." Gainor [...]
Virginia earthquake 2011: Animal magic? Gorillas, elephants and lemurs sensed huge East Coast earthquake from their zoo cages before it struck | Mail Online
Animals at zoos across the East Coast showed signs of distress up to 15 minutes before before the huge earthquake which has left $100m worth of damage struck. Keepers at the National Zoo in Washington DC say that red-ruffed lemurs started barking an alarm call a quarter of an hour before Richter scales leapt at 1.51pm.
Jonathan Haidt Explains Our Contentious Culture | Moyers & Company |
Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt explains how liberals and conservatives see the world differently.
Gorilla encounter on eco-tour
Michigan News -
Bruce Bartlett on Where the Right Went Wrong | Moyers & Company |
Bruce Bartlett on how right-wing tax policies are destroying America's economy.
Bill Moyers Essay: Who Shipwrecked Our Economy? | Moyers & Company |
Bill Moyers looks at the holes in our sinking economic ship, who created them, and ways to save the boat.
Full Show: How Big Banks are Rewriting the Rules of our Economy | Moyers & Company |
Bill Moyers talks with former Citigroup chairman John Reed and former Senator Byron Dorgan to explore how our political and financial class shift economic benefits to the very top.
Full Show: How Do Conservatives and Liberals See the World? | Moyers & Company |
Bill talks with social psychologist Jonathan Haidt about the moral underpinnings of our contentious culture.
Kuvasz pictures. Big Kuvasz, small Kuvasz, old Kuvasz, young Kuvasz, male Kuvasz and female Kuvasz.
American Kennel Club - Kuvasz Photos
A working dog of larger size, sturdily built, well balanced, neither lanky nor cobby. White in color with no markings. Medium boned, well muscled, without the slightest hint of bulkiness or lethargy. Impresses the eye with strength and activity combined with light-footedness, moves freely on strong legs.
Kuvasz Dog Breed Profile Information, Pictures, Traits, Characteristics | - Find your wag.
The Kuvasz (pronounced KOO-vahss ; the plural is Kuvaszok, pronounced KOO-vah-sock ) is probably the oldest of the three ancient Hungarian breeds. It has a regal bearing and a history (with hints of an association with Count Dracula himself) as
Pyrenean Mountain Dog - Great Pyrenees (breed standard) - YouTube
A movie about the characteristics of the Great Pyrenees / Pyrenean Mountain Dog, showing the essential elements of the standard and featuring some of the bes...
Great Pyrenees Information, Pictures of Great Pyrenees | Dogster
A must-read on Great Pyrenees: information, pictures, temperment, personality, training tips, breed comparisons, puppies, community, Great Pyrenees adoption and rescue.
Great Pyrernees Information - History, Temperament and Pyrenean Mountain Dog Links
The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is gentle, obedient, and affectionate, but it is not suited to life indoors. This is a stable, loyal, and confident breed, affectionate and gentle with its family but protective and territorial.
GOP believes in a Puppet President - Grover Norquist - CPAC 2012 - YouTube

Grover Norquist spoke to conservative activists at CPAC 2012 about the strategy to take the White House. Norquist is considered one of the most powerful and ...

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1864 - US President Abraham Lincoln (assasinated)
"I see in the near future a crisis approaching. It unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."