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Birds are just a small part of the abundance of wildlife that call this part of Northeast Michigan "home'. 

 We have a winter population of resident birds to keep us company.  The BlueJay, Chickadee, Cardinal, Junko's, Snow Buntings, Pileated WoodPecker, Downy WoodPecker, Various Sparrows, Purple Finches, Gold Finches and many more. Of course we cannot forget the birds of prey that are resident here too, such as the our nations majestic Bald Eagle, Red Tailed Hawk, Great Grey Owl, Horned Owl, Barn Owl and the click here to view larger imageimpressive Peregrine Falcon with its cousin, the Kite.

Springtime brings the migration of birds passing through and also those that take summer residence such as the Humminbirds, Great Blue Heron, Sand Hill Crane, Red-Breasted Grosbeaks, Evening Grosbeaks, Indigo Buntings, Bluebirds, Redpoll's, WoodThrush, Flycatchers, Purple Martins, Swallows and the gorgeous Scarlet Tanager and the 'Baltimore' Oriole and so much more!.

Purple Finches and Gold Finches have returned to their summer color.  Brilliant yellow feathers are quickly replaced the winter drab olive disquise of the Gold Finch (some call 'wild canaries')  The purple crown of the skittish purple finch reflects in the morning sun brilliantly to distinguish his royal like appearance apart from others. 
   Each day seems to bring more and more song in to the woods with more and more migratory friends re-uniting with their buddies that winter in these parts.  "Hiya! How ya doin'? Where ya been? Where ya goin'?" is heard often when ya listen to the bird talk around the feeder.
  Junko's have left northward to their summer homes while the rest of the summer migratory song birds have been busy singing, nesting and making babies. 
  For the insect eating birds, they should be very happy as the past winter months were quite mild, allowing a heavy hatch of mosquito's, tent worms and black flies.  Hopefully this will allow them to feed to capacity and fair through the season in good numbers.  The songs now heard amongst the woodlands shows they are delighted and happy.  Music to the human ears indeed!

   Yes, the woods are now again full of song that grows in intensity daily this time of year.  In combination with the Spring Peepers of the wetlands and the evening flute-like song of the ovenbird, it's a symphony to behold indeed.  Birders find easy views this time of year without the obstruction of full-blown summer foliage. (although it's closing in fast)  It's easy to feel that everybody's happy that we're at the doorstep of a land awakening from a long winter sleep. 

Bring your self,, bring your binoculars and check out natures show she has ongoing in our woods and wet-lands!  Experience that personal feeling that is hard to achieve in our daily hustle and bustle of society,,, a feeling of Peace.

Get next to nature, 
and  get next to  yourself! 


Quick 'n  Easy Suet
your bird buddies will love!

  • 2-3 cups wild bird seed
  • 2-3 Tablespoons hamburger beef fat
  • 3-4 Tablespoons Peanut Butter
  • mix in bowl thoroughly
  • place in suet cage or potatoe/onion sack & hang from trees away from ground animals
This will attract chickadee's, tufted tit-mouse
downy woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, nuthatch

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Warblers, Chickadee's, Bluejays and LOTS MORE !!
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(Archilochus colubris )
Clik the above media player to turn on or off sounds of this Hummingbird.

Wanna hear other birds??
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for news and information about birds, visit the
Audubon Society

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Naturesongs - digital recordings of nature
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Elk  Sheds 
(when their antlers fall off starting around March through April)

April 2012

The season has passed for the Elk to shed their antlers giving way to the new growth.  Searching area's State Lands north and northwest of downtown Atlanta is a good chance for finding these treasures. They've also moved up near the Royston area north of Hillman. Just keep your eyes out for the trodden down "Elk Highways" and have a good walk along their trails. This winter was pitiful for snowfall which made it a bit harder to track the elk for the new antler drops. But, I suppose we could think of it as a gift because there should be quite a few beams still out there that haven't been discovered. Antlers will be more difficult to find when the new foilage finally kicks in but for now the woodland floors are still relatively open with  not a lot of undergrowth, if any at all. That is soon to change though. And even if you don't find any, I promise you won't come out of the woods without some sort of reward to reflect upon in your memories for years to come. 

Take a moment to listen to the various elk sounds listed below.  Chances are you will recognize something that you've heard before and just couldn't identify it.    Next time in the woods  you may hear that now familiar sound and identify that goofie elk talk.   Instead of wrinkling your brow, squinting your eyes and scratchin' your noggin'  wondering what you are hearing,,,, you can break into a spiritual grin and quietly whisper "Wow!"   Elk talk is just one of the beautiful  sounds you will hear out in our Great Northern Michigan woods!

Fall is time for the elk rut and it's then when you begin hearing the haunting sounds echoe through the woods.  The great bull elk wails this high pitched shrill to alert other bulls of his presence.  During the rut the bull elk doesn't eat much if at all.  All that is on his mind is fighting to gain dominance that in turn gives him rights to mate. Often  they will battle with another dominant bull to 'steal' his aquired harem.
  It is said that a dominant bull elk can loose up to 25% of his body weight by spring time. They stop eating at rut only to go into the long winter months of sparce foraging conditions. Battles continue into the snow season to keep his harem in tact or just because they're in the mood for a fight. .   This takes a tremendous wear upon the dominant elk which will likely be his first and last reign of dominance in his entire lifespan of some 12 - 14 years..  For a bull elk to gain dominance twice is extremely rare.

Do not attempt to approach a bull elk especially while in rut. NEVER place yourself between a bull elk and a cow or calf.     All they have programed in their brains is mating & fighting and protecting his lot.  Since you obviously wouldn't have what it takes for him to want to mate with you,   you might just have 600 to 700 pounds of elk attitude coming your way like a downhill train. 

Hear the call of the Wapiti! (elk)
Make a date for a nighttime fall tour of the woods.  You just might experience that "once in a lifetime moment" when you are looking at the moon rise behind a distant hill only to behold the silouette of a king bull elk appear.  He tilts his head back and wails into the chilly night air blowing a cloud of steam from his warm breath into the chilly night air.  He is then answered by another bull to your right,,, then another to your left.
   Your body quivers in tingles as you whisper a slow,,,"wwwwwow!" 
Click on a link below to hear the Lovesong of the Wapiti  (Elk) Hear the different sound files below.  (.wav format)

Click HERE for local pictures of
Elk and other Critters of the North Woods

Elk Tours & Guides

Elk View Cabins & Tours  -  989-785-4896
Bryan Ferguson (private guide)  - 989-785-2542 or
Thunderbay Resort         -      989-742-4875

,,Please respect the land on your Journey ~


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