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~ Screaming Silence ~
... a feeling experienced when you know something is blatantly wrong,
and no-one seems to be doing anything about it

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Roaring Compressors
Ruptured Pipelines
Lax Governmental Oversight
Threatened Environment
Public Heath & Safety
What do you envision when you think of  Northern Michigan?
Abundance of woodlands, Clean lakes and streams?
Whispering Pines, elks bugling or birds singing?
or perhaps a 1300 hp compressor running 24/7?

The essence of our natural living environment is being compromised
by the roar of compressors, clearing of tree's for pipelines, well-pads
and facilities. Our water and soil at continued threat
by accidents or blatant disregard
It appears to be collateral damage from economic persuit of
the billion dollar industry that makes generous profit
off every single utility paying individual including 
those whose property's lay where the 
industry wants to set up shop. 

   Be it a walk in the woods, fishing at the dock in town, or sitting on the porch in the evening.  It sort of 'grounds' us. It makes us feel good.  .
 Even the modern medical community acknowledge its comforting and healing Divine powers. We must not deny the vital importance of a healthy environment both in our homes and outside the door. 

Northeast Michigan,   known for its abundance of state lands that are home to just about every living species of plant & animal life found in the entire lower peninsula. It practically has been void of industry since the timber era in the erie 1900's, making this hospitable for the elk, the bald eagle, and on. Alas, in spite of  recent exploitation of our natural resources, the woods still will have the pull to just sit, listen and observe. Soak it all in.
    We savor the stars that light up the night skies on those still and quiet nights. We relax to the whispering pines and the chorus's of bird singing in melody that stimulate that "feel good" feeling.   It's the essence of it all that we can feel even when just reading about it. As time ticks forward, these places are vanishing. Not only here in the Great North Woods but nationally and globally. Do we care for the living? Or for the innate, non-living things and 'stuff'? Which do we truly rely?

    Those of us who choose to live or visit here probably do so because of what it DOESN'T have.  Concrete, Blacktop, Steel,,, skyscrapers, traffic jams, industrial noise & pollution.  Our woodlands offer the places we can relax and absorb a thriving natural world that delivers a medicine not found in any pill or bottle.

Environmentally friendly and neighbor friendly operations are just good sense.  It saves the Industry and legislators by nearly eliminating complaint time and disaster response expenses and long term consequences. Strict oversight may even result in more stable heating bills as well as the true royalty values paid to the mineral owner.  Conciencious operations ensure the survival of our natural environment that in turn ensures our own survival. 
This is the 21st century and we have the knowledge of our past mistakes. We are still paying the costs in making  those mistakes.  Should we keep testing Nature to see what she can or cannot handle?  Turning a deaf ear and blind eye surely eccellerates the inevitable whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. This voluntary ignorance threatens the very essence of the life we all depend on. 

 The technology is there, so is the knowledge..  Let us insist that our local governments, state and federal legislators and the Industry use them both

the IRONy
on one side
Exxon CEO Joins Lawsuit 
to Block Water Tower Used for Fracking 
near His Home / story at AllGov - News

 on the other
Former exec rips Exxon Mobil CEO's lawsuit 
The Daily Star, 
Oneonta, NY


visit their website -
see what they do, 
see what you can do too


in Montmorency County
an important factor that government refuses to acknowledge
Public response
in their own words
submitted by the 
a Texas nightmare
- Acompressor right outside the door.

Acres upon acres of thriving ecosystems are 
being sacrificed, as well as our Quality of Life

Portable compressor roaring away in the woods
Envision hearing a train that is always coming
.....  and never arrives
- Small Portable compressor/pump that take place of the quieter Derrick.
These small compressors can be as invading as the (1300hp+) compressors
housed in enclosed facilities that roar continuously in our woods and near some neighborhoods. Progress has been made at some locations. Baby steps count.
Compressor outside the door of a Texas residence
You have the option to turn off the compressor noise
using the above sound console controls.
Those who live with this do not have that luxury


Contact your Legislators, the DEQ &.support Environmental groups
such as Michigan Environmental Council who
go to bat for us in the Legislation process
or simply email your testimony and we'll  post your experience here.
By doing any of these things, you are making effort for resolve. 

Document, Document, Document!
Don't attempt law suits unless absolutely neccessary and you have a lot of money..
The Industry is represented in Michigan by the Michigan Oil and Gas Association.
They have plenty of money to fight you in court until you run out of your own funds.

Many of us feel defeated as we've lived with this for years 
now. I'd rather think of it as we were just resting up 
and collecting more reasons on why things need changing.
Please, do not sit idle.
Its your turn to make some noise,
Help make the difference.

,,, it's worth the effort

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