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Helpful Links 

pertaining to compressor noise and the many other issues that are related to the gluttonous extraction practices of the gas & oil industry.  

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Related info to noise and its effects on the public and environment

Note: links stating "low frequency,  or low level noises" are pertaining to the C-weighted decible (dBC),  completely ignored by federal and state agency regulations  / Current regulations only pertain to the A-weighted decibel (dBA)   -------
This "low level" noise is what may shake your windows, tickle your tummie, make the critters go goofy and drive you bonkers while ruining a peaceful evening,  preventing a good nights sleep, or possibly keeping you from sleeping at all.
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Is there still some silence anywhere?
GORP Guest - Gordon Hempton - Experience the Sights and Sounds of Pure Nature
NPC Library: Noise: A Health Problem (EPA, 1978)
Noise Problem? We Can Help
Noise guidelines - Chapter 3
Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News: Oil, Gas News
The Seattle Times: Northwest Life: Noise can elevate stress hormones
(3/13/2001)Constant Low-level Background Noise Such as Traffic Raises Children's Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Stress Levels, Leads to "Learned Helplessness Syndrome."
Noise News for Week of March 12, 2000
NSS News: Effects of Noise on Wildlife
Society > Issues > Environment > Noise Pollution
Defra, UK - Environmental Protection - Noise and Nuisance
Even Low-Level Constant Traffic Noise Harms Childrens' Health
Environmental noise effects in residential and recreational areas
EPA Publications on Noise, 1972 - 1982
NPC Quietnet: CQE: Sound Bytes
Hearing Rehabilitation Quarterly: The Path To Quiet
Noiseletter - Spring 2001, Page 5
Day to make some noise April 30th
Impact Study of Compressor Noise on Passerine Birds - Argonne National Laboratory
11.24.02Noisy neighbor peeves pair near Parachute
Noise guidelines - Chapter 3
FERC: Enforcement Hotline
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General Links

Gas, Oil, Gov't  and a variety of reports and stories

Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Natural homeland insecurity
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Oil firms join environmentalists to propose biodiversity guidelines
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Cheney denies financial interest in Halliburton
Cheney's Grimy Trail in Business
NPTO Energy Links
Welcome to the Great Lakes-Big Rivers Region
Environmental Quality Program
Rivers At Risk
Michigan at opensecrets.org
Follow the Money - The Database
Lake Michigan Federation
EPA Region 5
Wilderness Society
Judge halts water bottling plant - 11/26/03
Politics & Science - Investigating the State of Science Under the Bush Administration
IHT: Scientists claim Bush bends data
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Conservation groups speak out against new leases
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Abandoned gas wells pose danger in Pennsylvania
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Follow the Money - The Database
Michigan House Democratic Caucus
Field & Stream - Fuel for Thought
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)
Michigan Legislature
World Nuclear Association | Information | Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Nano-technology could solve oil issues
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Study unveils oil and gas drilling pollutes air significantly
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Desecration through drilling has devastating effect on Navajos
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Civilization could end in a giant methane belch
Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Missteps on natural gas
Western Colorado Congress - A Citizens' Voice since 1980
Michigan DEQ approves energy company's drilling plan
Agency Environmental Executives
The Platinum Rail Team
Michigan Environmental Council
OEPC - Environmental Justice
Dominion E&P Honored with Prestigious Award for Safety and Environmental Practices
E-M:/ Hearing on Mason Tract in Grayling, Aug 18 7 p.m.
ECES - Invasive Species: Introduced Plant and Animal Diseases
ECES - Pollution: Oil
CBS News | Contact Information | February 26, 2002 12:20:32
CBS News | All In The Family | September 19, 2003 18:41:47
Company proposes new drill site along Au Sable
Potential Effects of Ground-Related Oilfield Activities on Birds
IM 2000-014, Oil and Gas Related Research Projects funded by the Department of Energy
BLM releases study on oil, gas
DEQ identifies possible alternative drill sites
FERC: Enforcement Hotline
Pipe Line & Gas Industry FEATURES: 7/98 Careful design and evaluation required to reduce station noise
RCAC - Alaska
I hope these links have been helpful to you.  Should you have any informative links that may help this list be more informative, please email them to me so they can be included.

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