The Great Dictator Speech
by Charlie Chaplin  - YouTube 6:45 minutes
                      Awesome and with conviction -
                  from a silent TV move star who surprisingly, has a lot to say

Yuri Bezmenov
- The Art of Subversion and Demoralization.flv - YouTube

over 30 years ago,  yet still lessons to learn for us today

dated: March 22nd 2019
Montmorency County  
Trail Conditions Report
Atlanta, Hillman & Lewiston Michigan

Trails likely to have a sloppy
base for sledding!!!

  Currently a nominal
10"Snow Base Offtrail

Atlanta Gas Price
$2.58for 87 octane

If this page is not updated,
check out NOAA's continually updated

24 hour weather forecast at

  NWS Weather Story

3/22/2019  Update

This weekend deliver fair sledding with daytime highs in the 40º range. Nighttime lows should hover around the freezing mark, slowing down the thaw and giving fair morning cruize conditions. As the day moves on the temps rise, making a bit of a mushy sled ride .  Then the conditions repeat through the weekend.

Friday may have some gnarly winds that are to subside Friday evening, giving way to calmer winds over the weekend.

There is a bit of a cool down starting Sunday night when temps drop in to the teens for overnight lows. This should continue through to mid week

No significant accumulations are expected for the forseeable future, the same goes for precipitations.

The temps rise to the high 50's come Thursday in the new coming work week.

Temperature highs Thursday may hover around the 60º  in conjunction with potential heavy rains that could amount to 1/2" of rainfall.  Add 18" of heavy ground snow-pack and you've got a bad recipe.
Flood Watch is obvious.  With that, think twice about crossing through waters over the roadways.

Currently, there are a couple icy layers beneath the top snow layer so be careful traveling across virgin snow pack. Carefully check the dog paws for cuts from the ice pack.  A day of play may put the hurt to paws of your playful pet.

Critters are having a heck-of-a-time foraging through snows at these depths making it extremely rough for travel, let alone obtaining food and/or water.

Careful on the trailways and roadways now that the snows are a bit better for critter movement in concert with milder temps.
They're beggining to stir and road kills are on the rise. 
Be aware and get a grip on the impatience and maybe lower the blood pressure too.

 The Dr. Phil show is probably a rerun anyhow so no need to hurry home. 
Give the critters some room and ease up on the gas peddle.

interactive map

Current  State Road Conditions from updated web cams
  an interactive state map showing road closures, accidents, construction and more things that might affect your travels

A bit of advice on Bear
 from a Montana resident a few years back

In light of the rising frequency of human/grizzly bear conflicts, the Montana Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers, hunters, and fishermen to take extra
precautions and keep alert for bears while in the field.
We advise that outdoorsmen wear noisy little bells on their clothing so as not to startle the bears that aren't
expecting them. We also advise outdoorsmen to carry pepper spray with them in case of an encounter with a bear.

It is also a good idea to watch out for fresh signs of bear activity. Outdoorsmen should recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear poop. Black bear poop
is smaller and contains a lot of berry seeds and squirrel fur.
Grizzly bear poop has little bells in it and smells like pepper spray.
~ author unknown

For constant Updated Animated Radar Images to see where snow clouds are headed click HERE (Animated image from accuweather.com)

our new

Natural tick repellent spray is available at the Atlanta Hardware in downtown Atlanta.

Enjoy the woods INFORMED
Know What You're Looking At TickEncounter.org

Want to have your tick tested?
Tick Identification and Testing Form
Offered at no charge by MDARD (Michigan Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development)

Stay clear of Permethrin
for tick prevention
Do your own research to know why

Nutritional Supplements
Click HERE for components of VELVET ANTLER. It's in there!

 If you are in town, stop over at the 

Atlanta Hardware 
(989) 785-3351
  • Elk Velvet Antler Extract 
  • Elk Velvet Antler Skin Lotion
  • Elk Velvet Antler Sports Cream
  • Elk Velvet Antler Pet Revitalizer (with Elk Liver)
All the above products are produced from the elk raised at the Rose Lake Elk Ranch here in the U.S.A.


 also in Hillman is the 
Thunder Bay Resort
They keep a selection of Antler Velvet supplements

      Consider all the minerals and nutrients the elk uses to get those antlers so flippin' huge and strong in a manner of mere months. These minerals and nutrients help the body cope with arthritis, sore joints and muscles, growth factors for bone and muscle health. 
From those living with aches and pains to body builders and sports junkies, it's in there!
Side effects of Elk Antler Velvet usually appear in Autumn which may include growing antlers, an urge to bugle, scrape the ground and head butt any thing or any body that comes near your harem.  A slight inconvenience but they do fall off in the spring.

Listen to an Elk Bugle -
If you hear this in the woods , it'll be sure to send chills down the spine.

  check out the past
2014 Atlanta
Elk Pole Contest!
of the winter elk hunt
December, 2014

Heaviest Elk last year was a 6x7 665lb Bull ! 
The only public 
Elk Pole Contest 
in Michigan!

    Get next to nature,
        and get next to your "self"

For pics of  critters you might see in these parts, check out our
Critters in the North East
Woods of Michigan


 Nature Is Speaking

Latest Atlanta, Michigan, weather conditions
                    and forecast

Real time weather conditions for today and tomorrow
NWS Weather Story

For current weather and projected forecasts for the Atlanta, 
Hillman and Lewiston area, check out

Local Weather & forecast
from NOAA in Gaylord

For the outdoor enthusiast. 
Northern Michigan Trailway Routes for ORV,
Snowmobile, Biking & Hiking

Into the Night Sky

Michigan has one of world's few 'dark sky parks' for stargazers | -Michigan Radio-

The Headlands, an International Dark Sky Park - 
-Pure Michigan Travel-


Atlanta Auto Repair
12383 State Street
Atlanta, MI  49709

visit their web site!


* Area Snow Mobile Clubs *

Lewiston Fun-One's


Local  Lodging
Central Montmorency County
    A-Win Sands Motel

    Atlanta Motel

    Elk View Cabins
    (Elk Shed hunting and Elk tours)

    Timber Lodge Motel

  • (Lewiston)
  • (Hillman)
    Browns North Shore Resort
    (989) 742-4166)

     Food & Drink
    Thunder Bay Deli 
    Downtown Atlanta on the trail easement north of M-32 before the Haymeadow Creek bridge crossing
     M-32 North / Downtown Atlanta

    Susan's Roadside Diner
    on the East side of downtown Atlanta
    12656 State St, 
    Atlanta, MI 49709
    (989) 785-4678

    - El Bo Inn -
    24300 M-33
    between Atlanta and Onaway.

    - Talley's Log Cabin
    / Downtown Lewiston

    - Chauncey's Pub
    121 N. State St./ Downtown Hillman

    The Baklava Shop
    Home made Bread, Deserts,
     Pastries, sandwich wraps and more.

    12619 State St.
    (across from post office in town)
    Atlanta, MI  49709
    Call ahead for large or special orders!

    Elk Crossing Cafe´
    Downtown Atlanta
    12429 State Street (M-32)
    open at 6am

    Breakfast specials, lunch & dinner
    from donuts to Elk Burgers!

    Restaurant Listings
    from the Sno*Drift website
    click HERE
    Souvenir's Gifts
    Freddies Family Market
    North Woods Gallery
    & Coffee House
    Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
    (Located at the SW corner- downtown)
    (989) 785-3400.

    Snow Mobile  &
    Fishing Conditions 
    for the 
    Fletchers Floodwater area
    click  HERE

    Shower Facilities 
    the Laundry Basket
    Coin Operated Laundry
    Laura's Hair Salon 
     Flower Shop

    Located across from Eager Beaver Mini Storage
    just north of downtown Atlanta

    Visit the Sno*Drift website
    Snow*Drift Rally
    Jan 25th & 26th 2018

                                       January 2018
    Result highlights from last years Rally

    1st place   David Brown driver
     and Michael Brown co driver   

    #47 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS 


    Come to the
    Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

    Atlanta Elk Festival

    always on the last full weekend of September

    for info go to

    2018 Atlanta
    Elk Pole Contest
    Dec. 9 - 10 / 2018
    the 1st two days of the
    Winter Elk Hunt in December
    Prize presentation at 4pm Dec. 10th.

    The only 
    public Elk Contest
    in Michigan! 
    ( that we know of )

    (the last full weekend of Jaunary)
    this years Rally on
    January 25-26, 2019

    Timed racin' throughout our remote back roads of Montmorency County - Atlanta, Hillman
    & Lewiston Michigan

    Pro rally teams compete on our remote
    backroads to kick off the first of many
    Rally races held nationally throughout the year. 
    View  their official website at  www.Sno-Drift.org

    Sno*Drift is sanctioned by

    American Rally Association
    visit their site for pictures and results from this years Sno*Drift Rally that was held on our wintery back-roads in the Great North Woods of Montmorency County

    You gotta see this!
    Ken Block goes flat out in his Rally Fiesta
    on ice during 2010 Sno*Drift testing 
    - YouTube

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