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2007 Atlanta Elk Pole Contest

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Atlanta Chamber of Commerce   hosted


2007 Elk Pole Contest
Tuesday/Wednesday - Dec. 11th & 12th 2007
Located in downtown Atlanta
the Elk Capital of Michigan!

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.   Atlanta Chamber of Commerce 

2007 Elk Pole Contest
Entry Results

# Time 
        Hunter   Hometown  Age Bounty Weight Contest
Tuesday 12/11/07
1 10:20am Chris Adams Webbeviille 58 6x5 Bull 525 1st Bull In
Trophy,  $50.00 
2 12:20pm Hugh Smith Pigeon 58 Cow 330 1st Cow In
Trophy,  G-10 Grizzly
Dwight Teeple
Sault St. Marie
6x6 Bull
Jerry McNabb
7x7 Bull
Largest Rack
Heaviest Bull
Trophy, $100.00,
CVA Pursuit Pro 50 cal.
Andy Swafford
5x4 Bull

Wednesday 12/12/07

6 12:40pm Reginald Kushion St Charles 12 Cow 380 Youngest Hunter.
Trophy, Elk Collectors Knife
Elk Sweatshirt
7 3:12pm Patrick Gregory Dryden 66 6x6 Bull 540 Oldest Hunter
Trophy, Fleece Blanket,
Elk Sweatshirt


Ray Banks of 
Ray's New & Used Guns 
in Hillman, recieved a 
Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce for his years of generous donations to the Buck and Elk Pole Contests.

A special thanks to you Ray.
You've helped make these events exciting and rewarding to the prize winning hunters!!!

Trophy & Awards for:
  • 1st Bull Hung on Pole 
  • 1st Cow Hung on Pole
  • Youngest Hunter
  • Oldest Hunter
  • Largest Rack  (Grand Prize Winner)
  • Heaviest Elk (Grand Prize Winner)


Ray's New & Used Guns
Hard to find ammo

Gunsmithing and
special order firearms
22000 Behring Rd
Hillman, MI  49746
Phone (989) 742-4226
Fax  (989) 742-2085
email: rbanks@M33access.com


Largest Rack & 
Heaviest Elk

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Jerry McNabb of Filion was a 2 prize winner with his majestic bull.
Taking the heaviest prize with 635lbs and largest rack being a 7x7 with 4 foot beams easily took that title.
Jerry was guided by Tom Williams at the Canada Creek Ranch grounds, north of Atlanta.
Congratulations Jerry!

1st Bull in

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.Chris Adams of Webbeville brought
in the 1st Bull to hang at 10:25am on Opening Day to kick off the contest nicely.   Chris bagged a beauty of a Elk weighing in at 525lbs. With a crown 5x6 Rack, he bagged himself quite the royal bull elk!  Congratulations Chris!!



County Tribune

Local newspaper with local news and classifieds

Printing services and internet services available

12625 State St.
Atlanta, MI  49709



Youngest Hunter

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Reginald Kushion of St. Charles won the youngest hunter prize and trophy for his 380 lb cow.  Reginald is 12 years old and had bagged his cow elk early in life. Some hunters have waited decades just to win the elk license lottery.  Reginald will be hooked for life!   Congratulations to you Reginald! Ya done yourself proud!

Oldest Hunter

Patrick Gregory of Dryden took the trophy for oldest hunter.Patrick is 66 years young.  His real trophy is what he is standing next to.  A 540 lb  6x6 Bull Elk!!



First Choice
Real Estate

P.O. Box 335
12656 State St.
Atlanta, MI  49709

toll free


M-32 Supply

Hap Battery 
10799 M-32
Atlanta, MI  49709
( just west of the Sheriff Dept )
Unique Gifts & Souveniers
Batteries & Cables
Tools, Tarps and more!


ACR Masonry

- Licensed & Insured -
Serving the Atlanta and Lewiston area
Specializing in concrete, flag stone, field stone and cultured stone work.





a big"Thank You" to the following for the generous contributions to operate the contest goes to:

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce -
for hosting the contest and providing all trophies and cash prizes

A  huge thanks to Gordon & Rick Ferguson of Ferguson Construction 
for the years of help running the contest. they've been operating the contest for about 18 years or so. They've contributed boo-koo amount of their time, money and equipment that has been a true asset to pulling this event off nicely.

To Mike Needham  for helping hang and takedown the elk , some donated firewood and for the delicious BBQ'd , venison and goose Kabob's that was shared with a bunch of now happy tummies,  Mikes wife, Alycia Needham, hand crafted earrings made out of elk horn that were given to all entries.

To Lee Brooks and Jeremy McSwain for bringing in additional firewood to keep all warm 'n toasty.. 

Last but certainly not lease, a big "THANK YOU!"   to Larry Samp of State Wide Real Estate for years of  usage of their parking lot. It's in a fantastic location in the center of town that allows us to show all that we are proud to be the Elk Capital of Michigan!  Wha-hoo!!

.Results    Awards   Donators


~ Elk Pole Contest Results by Year ~

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 2006   .   2005  .  2004   .   2003   .   2002




                 Atlanta's Elk Pole Contest is
   hosted by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
A sincere thanks to all of those for their generous contributions that made available the prizes  for the 2007 Elk Pole Contest here in Atlanta, the Elk Capital of Michigan!

2007 Elk Pole Contest Prize Donators

  • Largest Rack Grand Prize was a Trophy presented on behalf of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and a CVA "Optima"  PR2000   50 cal. Black Powder Rifle made possible from Ray's New & Used Guns of Hillman under special pricing to accomodate the donations contributed by First Choice Real Estate of Atlanta,   ACR Masonry of Lewiston, Englehart & Sons Salvage Yard, Montmorency County Tribune, Rick & Linda Ferguson and Mark & Joyce Smith.
  • Heaviest Elk Grand Prize was a Trophy and a $100.00 Check, both presented on behalf of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce 
  • First Bull In Prize was a Trophy and  $50.00 check presented on behalf of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce 
  • First Cow In Prize was a Trophy and Grizzly G-10 Ground Blind presented on behalf of the Tom and Carolyn Williams of Canada Creek Ranch, Atlanta.  Tom also helped us out on the Monday passing out contest flyers to the hunters and guides.  You made a nice difference Tom!!
  • Youngest Hunter Prize was a Trophy presented , an Elk Sweatshirt and a Elk Collectors Knife complete with an Elk figurine base display stand  donated by M-32 Supply of Atlanta
  • Oldest Hunter Prize was a Trophy presented on behalf of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and a beautiful fleece blanket handcrafted by Susan Henderson of Pontiac. It'll not only instill future memories of the hunt, but keep ya warm 'n comphy at the same time! 
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A very special thankyou to Gordon (Gordie) Ferguson for his years of dedication to the Elk Pole Contest.  Gordie operates the much needed loader that without it, would make hoisting these beasts almost impossible.  He has been helping since the early years of the Atlanta Elk Pole Contest.

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