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2010 Atlanta
Elk Pole Contest!

the only public 
Elk Contest in Michigan

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Website - Click HERE   Proudly hosted by the

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

2010 Atlanta Elk Pole Results

Order Time In
 Day #1
Hometown Weight
Rifle Used
Trophy Placement
Leo Pauli
49 yrs old
Imlay City
580 lbs
Remington 700
300 Ultra mag
3M Ranch
* 1st Elk In *
* Oldest Hunter *
* Heaviest Elk *
* Largest Rack *
42" Left Beam / 
47" Right Beam w/a 
36" Inside Spread
Leo Strauch
45 yrs old
518 lbs
300 Winchester Encore
@ 200yds
Chad Slide
Early takedown
- -
Day #2
- - - - -
Austin Duszynski
13 yrs old
300 lbs
300 WSM Remington
@ 240yds
(1 shot kill)
Joe Ferguson
* First Cow *
* Youngest Hunter *
Cherie Jacobs
Bay City
315 lbs
* 1st  Woman *
Aaron Albright
La Salle
440 lbs
Savage 110  30.06
Tim Michaels
no placement



Opening Day of the December Elk Hunt was quite slow this year. Only 2 Bulls were entered in the contest and only about a dozen elk were checked in at the MDNDRE check station in Atlnata. Day#2 went a little better for both the contest and the check station as the initial expected flow of elk taken began to trickle in. 

Even though only 2 bull elk were on display, it sure did create a few traffic stops that got many a driver to turn around and start clicking pictures off their cell phones and camera's.  Atlanta is the only public elk contest in the entire state of Michigan and we are proud and honored for the priviledge to host this event.
Where else but Atlanta? It's the ELK CAPITOL OF MICHIGAN!

Prize Donor List

Largest Rack Prize
.50 cal. Traditions Buckstalker
Black Powder Rifle 
donated by 
Roy Turay of R&J Gunns
in Atlanta

Heaviest Elk Prize
.50 cal. CVA Wolf
Black Powder Rifle made available under special pricing by A-1 Woods and Waters of Hillman.   Monetary donations to purchase the rifle made by:
A-1 Woods and Waters

Atlanta Veterinary Clinic

Englehart & Sons Salvage

Montmorency Tribune

Trophy Class Real Estate
(Diane Ives - agent donor)



Wood Floors 'n More
Tom & Carolyn Williams
of Canada Creek Ranch
donated an Icehouse Popup Blind

Jack Mathias of Thunder Bay Resort  (800) 729-9375
donated (2) bottles of Elk Velvet health suppliment

Wood Floors 'n More (989) 785-2561 donated a compact field radio

Northwoods Services & Construction (989) 785-2256 donated an Elk Scene floor mat

Gift Certificate

Alpena Glass Co.

Freddie's Family Market

Kristie's  Kitchen

the Dinner Table
** new business! **

Thunder Bay Deli

Wedge Inn

The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce provided the Trophies and camo Elk Pole hats to all entries as well as hosting the event.. 

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Website - Click HERE
The Chamber offered a Hospitality Room for all hunters and spectators to come in out of the cold winds  to enjoy free hot chocolate,coffee and treats.

to the above donators and contributors the next time you are in their establishment or see them on the street.  Keep the circle going so we can grow!



A magazine designed exclusively
for women, by women
Articles, stories and a social network for the woman hunter!

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Website - Click HERE

Click on any contest picture below for an
Expanded View

* First In *
* Oldest Hunter *
* Largest Rack *
* Heaviest Elk *

Leo Pauli of Imlay City was first to bring in this handsome 6x6 Bull. It took Leo 23 years playing the elk tag lotto and his persistence was ineed rewarded!    Since the scales at the DNRE were down, Leo left to take advantage of a gift certificate to Kristies Kitchen and then to get his bounty weighed and returned early afternoon. Leo took a total of (4) trophies being First In, Oldest Hunter, Largest Rack & Heaviest Elk.  Leo won both grand prizes being a Traditions Buckstalker .50Cal donated by R&J Guns of Atlanta and a CVA Wolf .50Cal. aquired with monetary donations for special pricing from A-1 Woods & Waters of Hillman.

* First Cow *

Austin Duszynski of Germfask brought in the first cow of the contest. Austin's Dad was beaming in pride over his son's 300lb cow elk. We were told Austin had a 1 shot kill at approx. 240yds!  Way to go Austin!!!

* Last Entry *

Aaron Albright and his father brought in this fine 440lb Bull early afternoon on Sunday, the 2nd day of the contest. Although Aaron didn't place for any trophies he recieved an offical elk pole hat, gift certificate to Wedge Inn for a broasted chicken dinner, Elk Velvet health suppliment from Thunder Bay Resort of Hillman and a compact field radio donated from Wood Floors 'n More of Atlanta

* Youngest Hunter *

Austin Duszynkski took 1st cow and Youngest Hunter trophies.  Austin recieved an Outhouse Popup Blind donated by Canada Creek residents Tom & Carolyn Williams and a sportsmans flashlight donated by the Atlanta Hardware 

* Trophy Winners *

Trophy and Contest winners (from left to right) are Austin Duszynski, Cherie Jacobs and Leo Pauli

** Trophy Table **

Trophies and Elk Pole hats that were handed out to all the hunters that hung their elk for contest and spectator display.



* 2nd In *

2nd in was Leo Strauch of Casco who brought in the grand 518lb 6x6 Bull on day 1 of the contest making only 2 elk to hang until Sunday, day #2. Even though only 2 were hanging they were enough to create a traffic stopper all day and in to the night where folks crowded the site to take pictures and inspect these fine animals in awe. Leo took down his bull to return home early so he didn't place for any trophies but did recieve a gift certificate to the Wedge Inn for a broasted chicken dinner.

* First Woman Hunter *

First  and only Woman Hunter Cherie Jacobs of Bay City came in Sunday with her 315lb Cow. She and her husband were beaming with understandable joy over their bounty taken. Though Cherie was freezing her bunns off, she braved the bitter winds to pose for pics. We had to pour warm water over her fingers to get 'em unfrozen from the rifle shown. (not really) Cherie won a trophy, gift certificates to Thunder Bay Deli, Wedge Inn, an Elk Scene door matt donated from Northwoods Services & Construction and Elk Velvet health suppliment from Thunder Bay Resort.
Happy Hunters

Cherie Jacobs and her husband can't hide their excitement

Elk Lift

Ernie Fish of Fish Builders was instrumental in to getting these heavy elk up to and off the pole and reloaded into the trucks. Ernie donated his time and Peddibone Telli-fork to perform this task.
This is Ernies 3rd year in hoisting the elk for us and we owe him many a thank you's  for helping us out!

** MDNRE Biologist **
Jennifer Klietch

At 2pm on Sunday, Jennifer Klietch gave a talk about elk and the unexpected low count at the check station on opening day. Also discussed was the elk poaching incident just weeks prior. 
Only 2 entries at the contest and about 12 elk checked in at the station. Fortunately the numbers increased significantly and the expected "harvest" number of 80 some elk for the December hunt should be met.

** 1st Check-in **

Roy Turay of R&J Guns was running check-in on opening day. Here you see Roy guiding in Ernie Fish with his Telli-fork to hoist the 6x6 Bull Elk that Leo Pauli brought in





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