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the Atlanta 
Chamber of Commerce 
proudly hosts

Elk Pole Contest
Dec. 8th & 9th

Always the first 2 days 
of the December Elk Hunt.

Dennis Merrills 9x8 (non-typical) 
640lb Bull Elk.
Dennis had Chad Sides as his guide that took
him to the Finnegan Rd / M-32 area to locate the herd. Dennis used a 30-06 Tikka for an approx. 70yd shot to drop this Bull.
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 by Year ~

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FIRST IN - Joe Soomers of Marquette was the first to come in at 10am to the contest with this fine 6x6 550lb Bull that had a wide 35 1/2" inside spread and both beams were nearly semetric with the left beam measuring 35 1/4" and the right 35 1/2"
Bruce Keskine of Jo-burg was Joe's guide that helped him plug his bounty with a 270 Weatherby at about 275 yards.  Joe took a trophy for 1st In.
A couple days after getting back to Marquette, Joe bagged a 125lb 10pt Buck with a 16" spread out in his neck of the woods with his Black Powder 50cal.. Seems like luck is still with him indeed!.

Dave Wolfe of Twining brought in this 6x7 510lb Bull at 11:20am on Saturday, day #1 of the contest. Dave took LARGEST RACK trophy winner with his bulls massive rack that had a 40" left beam, 42 1/2" right beam and a  32" inside spreadRalph Mayer was Dave's guide out at Canada Creek Ranch. He popped his bounty using a 7mm Remington Mag at 80 yards.

Dave had been putting in for the elk license for 26 years. The DNR outta give these Quarter-Century lottery participants a nice patch or somthing to at least say "thanks' for sticking to it & 'doing their time' feeding the change drawer so consitently. 
After all, these bucks (pun) generated are instrumental in helping the DNR do what it needs to do as managers and stewards of our Great North Woods and all it's children living within.

Gift Certificates
from our local Food Establishments
were presented to contest entries at the time of hanging.

Thank you to: the Baklava Shop, Dinner Table, Elk Crossing Café, JD’s Pizza Place & Thunder Bay Deli for the gift certficates to present to the contestant-hunters at time of check-in. They could go grab a bite to eat after coming in from their successful hunt.
Pole workers got a foot-long coney at lunchtime Compliments from the Thunder Bay Deli. Nothng like a happy tummie. 
Prizes donated 
were ice-grip cleats from Canada Creek Ranch members Tom & Carolyn Williams (dedicated long time prize donors), several pair of leather gloves by the Carigon Family, Elk Velvet Antler Skin Lotion & Elk Velvet Antler Extract from the Atlanta Hardware, a set of
125 yr Anniversary cocktail tumblers with a 1 year subscription from our local Montmorency Tribune,  Miller™ caps and kozi’s from Alpena Beverage Company & a Leanin’ Tree™ ass’t Christmas Card pack from Northwoods Services and Construction
    Last and certainly not least were the Grand Prize for Largest Rack and Heaviest being (1) CVA 50cal. Black Powder Rifle donated by Roy Turay of R&J Guns in Atlanta. A special "thank you" to Roy for his generosity of years of donating our Grand Prize to the  Elk Pole Contest and hte community of Atlanta.  Another Grand Prize was (1) CVA 50cal. Black Powder Rifle w/Camo Stock made available with very special pricing by
A-1 Woods and Waters in Hillman and donations from Elk Crossing Cafe, Complete Meter Service and Kevin's Meter Testing.


Corey Olsen of Montrose brought in his 280lb Cow at 4:31pm Saturday. Corey would have won the Youngest Hunter trophy placement, but he had to hit the road to get a jump on the approaching snow storm. Thanks for hanging your prize with us Corey. You gave us our 4th cow for the contest which may be a record for the pole! Guide, Jeff Miller of Canada Creek Ranch made another hunter a very happy man!


Michele Hoffman was 5th in and brought the FIRST COW to the Contest.  Michele also took placement for FIRST WOMAN HUNTER and YOUNGEST HUNTER.  That's 3 trophies!
Michele's cow was a hefty 385lbs. Close to the heaviest cow we've had on the pole for the past 10 years or so. Michele and her husband had no guide. She bagged this cow out in the Vienna area using a 280 ?? at about 150 yards. 
 Her comment about the experience?  JUST AWESOME!!!

Ed Retherford  of Alpena brought in this 5x5 - 545lb Bull at 11:45am Saturday. It's crown bore a 37" left beam, a 37 3/4" right beam with a 37 3/4" inside spread! Ed used a 300 Remington UltraMag at about 200 yds to bag this big boy.
Kieth Huff guided Ed and got what they came out for. The herd was out in the Vienna area. Ed too, had to take down early to beat the snows late Sunday afternoon.  Thanks for hanging this beauty up for all of us to see Ed! Ya done yourself proud!

Chamber President, Mike Schwartz hooks up the chains at the bem while Mark Bowen pulls on the lift chains of the 'chain-fall' used to hoist these big boys up. This is Ed Retherford's 5x5 Bull getting lifted.  This is around a quarter to noon on Opening Day, day #1 of the 2 day contest. 


Now how in the world can (1) guy left these heavy beasts? 
Ya have to have (3) arms pulling like crazy. 
( Expand the photo to see it for proof)

4 Bulls and a Cow at Noon on Saturday, Day #1 of the contest. The pole sat idle for a few hours, giving the pole workers a bit of a break, Thuder Bay Deli gave the Pole crew a foot long Coney-dog to soothe the hungry stomach. Around 4:30pm, Corey Olsen brought in a cow to hang, getting things moving again. By 7:30pm we had 8 of the 9 total entry's in. #8 being Dennis Merrill's 9x8 non-typical 640lb Prize Winning Bull.A good night's kiss to close the day. 

Only 1 entry checked in on Sunday, day #2 of the Contest. 


Dave Wolfe up at the Atlanta DNR Check Station.   Dave came down and entered this beauty at the Elk Pole Contest. Dave was #2 at the pole and took LARGEST RACK GRAND PRIZE!  A pair of 40" beams with a 32" spread got him a Trophy & a 50cal.CVA Black Powder Rifle! It was worth the coaxing? You betcha. Although, his true prize and trophy has got a massive antler rack!

We had 6 elk hanging for Prize award time at 4:15 Sunday, Day #2 of the contest.  The snows began whipping up around 3pm and just hot more nasty as the daylight faded to night. I have to say, it's quite a sight to see people sized right next to these elk. 
It puts things in a humbling perspective doesn't it?
A true jaw-dropper.


Here is Dave Wolfe's 6x7 Bull  on the way to the contest, soon to take Grand Prize for LARGEST RACK


Dennis Merrill's 640lb 9x8 Bull took HEAVIEST ELK by around 90lbs for this contest. Dennis won a Trophy and a Camo Stock, Blued 50cal. CVA Black Powder Rifle. A smile that only a dandy Bull Elk can grow!


Joe Sommers with his trophy for FIRST IN. Joe entered his 550lb  6x6 Bull at 10am Opening morning on Saturday, December 8th.  This elk got our blood a-brewing in excitement being one heck of a good way to start off the contest! We had 2 days to show off his Elk to mesmerized eyeballs of the passer-by. 


Dave Wolfe with his Trophy and 50cal. CVA Black Powder Rifle he won LARGEST RACK  for his 510lb 6x7 Bull that had a 40" left beam, a 42 1/2" right beam with a 32: inside spread. Congratulations Dave!  You put in for 26 years, was it worth it?  You betcha!

Eugene Bischer of Ruth took trophy for the Oldest Hunter Trophy placement.   He bagged his 475lb, 5x5 Bull the day after his birthday!  Talk about one heck of a birthday present.  I'll call that a "God wink". Happy Birthday to you Eugene! Thanks for letting us check out your present!


3 Trophy Winner, Michele Hoffman sure has her hands full. Michele won trophy placements for 1st Cow,  1st Woman and Youngest Hunter. Michele and her husband got her cow without the aid of a guide.  Her true trophy is that 385lb Cow she bagged opening day of the 2012 December Elk Hunt..

Last and only contest entry who came in at 9:15am Sunday was Randy Baughman who bagged a  340lb Cow after 25 years of putting in to the Elk Lottery. Sure looks like his patience had paid off pretty darn good. Bet it's tasty good too.  Randy used a 7mm Remington with the help of guide Jim Douglas to bag this cow. Though Randy didn't place for any trophy's, he did receive some prizes for his participation. Thanks for allowing us to put on a good show at the Elk Pole Randy!

Velvet Antler
Nutritional Suppliment
for you and your pet
~ A Gift from Nature ~
Just look at the antlers of the majestic bull elk,


The only Public Elk Pole Contest in Michigan!
(that we know of)
Here at the "other"  Atlanta,
the Elk Capital of       Michigan!

Atlanta Elk Pole Contest Results
2 day Contest

DAY #1   Saturday 12/8/2012

.....    Time In     Hunter        Hometown  Age Bounty Weight Contest Placement Elk
  Joe Sommers
6x6 Bull
First In
2 11:20am Dave Wolfe Twining 62 6x7 Bull 510 Largest Rack Ralph
 Eugene Bischer
5x5 Bull
Oldest Hunter
Ed Rethorford
5x5 Bull
.early takedown
Michele Hoffman
First Woman
First Cow
Youngest Hunter.
Corey Olsen
early takedown
Jeff Miller
Trent Daniel Warren
St Charles
early takedown
Dennis Merrill
9x8 Bull
Heaviest Elk
Chad Sides
CCR* - Canada Creek Ranch                                    .
DAY #2   Sunday 12/9/2012
--- Time In Hunter Hometown Age Bounty Weight Contest Placement
9:15am Randy Baughman Beaverton 60 Cow 340 Prizes for hanging Jim Douglas


Click HERE for contest results for 2012

Elk Pole Contest by Year
2013  -  2012  -  2011  -   2010  .   2009   .  2008   .   

 2007  -  2006   .   2005  .  2004   .   2003   .   2002



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