2006 Atlanta Elk Pole Contest Picture Page
Contest hosted by
the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

Hangin' around the BBQ opening day. Mike Needham bbq'd up some tasty kabob's that he shared with all.  Hit the spot and was very much appreciated!

10:45am Opening day with Mike Newcombe's 6x6,  610lb. Bull.
Cloudless skies, nippie temps 'n a fresh snowfall made his hunt simply wunnerful!

Ed Hall of Swartz Creek brought in this magestic 6x7  560lb Bull 2 minutes before entry deadline of 3:45pm.  He was just 7 1/4 pts shy of Taking Largest Rack award.  He may have lost out on a trophy and prize, but he's still got the most important prize indeeeeed.
Look at that rack!

Atlanta is the Elk Capital of Michigan and this here elk pole confirms why.
Even though these and other Elk were bagged, we still have another 900-1100 elk out there to tickle the soul during their nighttime bugle in fall.

Alot of elk to put into a pickup truck bed. Gordon Ferguson booms the prize down with tender lovin' care.

Gary Reed standing beside his 5x5  400lb Bull. Gary bagged this opening day and brought it in for contest and display at 12:45pm making the 3rd entry in the contest.

5 elk a hangin' just before Ed Hall brought in his Bull at contest close. Though entry participation was a bit down, these hangin' trophy's sure did make it a true visual treat.

Mike Orzechowski of Prudenville took Largest Rack Placement with this royal 6x7 607lb Bull.
This bull's crown consisted of a 48" left beam, a 48 1/4" right beam and a 36" spread that gave his a score of 132.25!
(rough Ferguson scoring)
Mike stands with his trophy and CVA "Optima" 50 cal. Black Powder Rifle prize.

Tom Williams of CCR was his guide that obviously went very very well!

Douglas Helka of Garden City brought in his 6x7 635lb Bull that gave him the Heaviest Elk placement.
Douglas recieved a trophy and a CVA "Wolf" 50 cal. Black Powder Rifle (shown)

Mike Newcombe of Wellston holding his trophies for his dandy 6x6 610lb bull.  (the true trophy!)
Mikes bull hung solo for much of the contest. Usually opening day the bulk of the entries are in. Not this year. Thanks Mike for participating!

Mike Newcombe brought in the first elk at 10:45am opening day.
Talk about a fine rack! 
If you see one of these on the road, you won't win the game of chicken.
That, they are not!

Ron Deramo of Macomb Township brought in this beautiful 5x5 530lb bull at 2:25pm opening day which made (2) elk a-hangin' to the close of opening day. Thanks for "hangin'" at the contest and congratulations!

Gordon Ferguson taking time out at the BBQ.   Gordon and his son Rick, have donated their time and escavation equipment to the elk contest for many a moon. We can't thank you enough!

Alan Pietruszka of Livonia took First Cow & Youngest Hunter placement. Alan stands behind his 340lb cow that he brought in at 2:35pm day 2 of season. Shooting wasn't the difficult part, it was retrieving it through hilly terrain. Well worth the sweat 'n grunts! 

Local resident Brian Ferguson guided for Alan and delivered him a prize bounty!

.If  YOU  would like to help with cash donations or prizes at next years Atlanta Elk Pole Contest, pleases contact:

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

Rick Ferguson

in advance,
                  Thank You!



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