Rest Well 

Before you fall in to seasons slumber
let me say 'thank you' for what you live to provide.

Thankyou for the shade you've given from the blazing summer sun
Thankyou for the shelter you've held for our little feathered ones
Thankyou for the air your exhale, filling all lungs with life
Thankyou for your leafy ears of understanding,
                                 in those times when things just weren't right

In gentle breezes you've whispered  words of comfort that still hold true
even while walking through the snow surrounding  you.
Branches outreaching, seem to ask for what is on the mind
or give us something to think about, 
which usually happens most the time

Sleep well and endure the coming winter freeze
 Next year when you awaken you can again bring us 
the splendor encompassed within your leaves



So, as you fade in chorus of colors you bring
Know you will be missed and remembered 
                leaving us with the Hope and Promise of Spring

Life just wouldn't be the same without you,
                                                                ~ rest well

 2000 - 2012


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